Sunday, April 19, 2009

SEVENTY DEGREES...................

Today was the first day of the year that the mercury hit 70 degrees....Yeah! It was beautiful. Soooooooo I dragged my daughter and husband off to the Ann-Arbor Flea Market. It was the first of the season, and was a good turnout for alot of the vendors.

It was good to see alot of people whom I hadn't seen while, we are all coming out of hibernation from this LONG winter.

This is the treasure that I hauled home, I couldn't resist these wonderful shoes. The color is what drew me to them. Then of course the old letters and documents are a MUST for me. They will no doubt turn up on some future creation of Peacock Park Design. The tin type was irresistible find, the fashionable femme fatale with her new "pocket book" I am sure was the envy of alot of women.

This is my daughter, who is hauling home our favorite find of the day! This is the most unique thing I have seen in a long time. It is the rolls royce of picnic baskets. An amazing wicker basket on a custom built cart.

Well.........Needless to say , She planned the entire hour car ride home a picnic for the grandparents to attend. Right down to the dessert.

She spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and washing the new picnic wagon. She added plates and glasses, wine napkins.

All the guests had arrived so she was ready for the "big reveal". She looked like a parade coming down the driveway, trying her best not to crack a smile.

She placed all trays where they would be best used, and passed out all the utensils.

The dessert du jour was Smores.....who doesnt love a charcoal covered marshmallow??? This is what happens when an 8 year old plans the menu. Kool-aid in crystal with tiny umbrellas, weenies on china, (she let the adults eat steak ) it was fantastic. She can't wait to do it again, but informs me that next time, we need to invite "WAY" more people.

She felt that the cart could use a little color. ( I think she was right) and a touch of whimsy.

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Backyard Candle Co. said...

Oh, my goodness, your daughter is so beautiful! What a fun day she planned. And might I add, your yard looks GORGEOUS! Love love love the outdoor fireplace thingy!

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