Monday, April 5, 2010

Texas Toast !!!

Well we made it back home. I must say I am "toasted". I have been gone 2 weeks this round, between Atlanta and Texas it was a long haul. I must say we had a great time though. I met up with my friends, Carol, Lucy and Kelly. ( She helped me again to set up our booth at Marburger Farms.) We also met up with Jo Packham for our book signings of WWC magazine and Jo's new hard cover book about the inspiration of Where Women Create. Rebecca from Vintage Living also was in our group, and we had a great time with her.
We also went to Theresa Cano's Blog party (she is such a doll). I will post pics when I get my hands on Kellys camera.
Thank you to all who stopped by and said hi, It was so nice to see familiar faces and many new ones too.
This is our first stop. The smallest church. It is right on the Highway,and so sweet,charming and peaceful.

There were so many great displays and original ideas.

I love the crowns that Linda at willows nest made for these great chickens.

Aren't these great stepping stones? I love the look of these recycled water meter covers.

It took all the willpower I had to not bring home this unique terra cotta gnome.

I love these displays. This is melissa's booth. She made even old paintbrushes look chic.

Even a group of vintage thermos' look great as vintage vibe vases.

Oh Yeah, we had to have this door. It will live in our showroom in Atlanta I am sure.

Believe it or not,These chairs are made of cement...yes, I said cement!! They look like leather.

Love this, have a table that's too wide? Cut it in half and make a hall table

So many springs everywhere.... large, small, square round. Of course we had to bring some home.

This is the back side of old leather horse collars. Aren't they cool ??

We saw many items of ours in the fields. Here are our mats, they stand up to anything, mud, dirt you name it.

Our moth and beetle study prints......I love these.

My camera broke the day of round top, so these pics I took on a freinds camera. (Until her battery died by the way). So the rest of the pics that are of our booth, the blog parties etc. are on Kellys camera......Well.........her daughter left for Mexico yesterday, and of course took the camera before Kelly could download the pics. So bear with me, You will get many more pics. when Kelsey comes home from spring break.


Red Shed Girl said...

It was so great to see you again and hear all of your Big Cat impressions at the Blog Party!
Glad you made it home and try to get some REST!

The Red Shed

Sandyl said...

Loved seeing the pics of the texas shows. Can't wait to see more, more, more!
Waiting with baited breath!

Linda said...

Great photos and finds...looks like a wonderful trip!

Rebecca said...

Hey Gina!
I can't tell you how much I loved tagging along with you and your posse'... tell them all "Hey" and I miss them! It was sooo much fun! You be safe on your trip you have coming up, my best to you and anytime you want to get together give me a shout and I will be there!
Say do you want me to send you some of my pics from the show?
Sounds like Kelly girl ran away with yours :)

Wizard of Was said...

Hi Gina, It was so nice to meet you at Marburger on Tuesday. There was such eye candy there it's hard to process it all...Love the Blue Hill pictures, too...I actually bought that 8 ft farm table in your first picture!! It's just an awesome (and heavy!!) piece.
My best

Counting Your Blessings said...

Looks like it was amazing! My husband and I are usually there for the Fall shows so my heart was crying a little last week, knowing all the fun we were missing.

Blessings... Polly (French Cupboard)

My Grama's Soul said...

Never been......but I sure want to go. It looks like a blast.



Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Gina, you are more fun than the law should allow. I just loved seeing you in action shopping! Please take me along with you next time. Did you notice my new header is of your booth at Marburger, I am loving your creative eye. Hope to see you again in the Fall AND thanks again to you Jo for being at my blog party! Hope you enjoyed it, T

sweetpea said...

Gina, you are the coolest... I am so happy to have met you and your booth at Marburger rocked.



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