Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wisteria Lane........

OOooooh I have been missing in action lately and I am sorry for the delay in posts. I have been traveling like crazy getting ready for the next season of Peacock Park Design.
When I arrived home, it was such a wonderful surprise. My Wisteria was in bloom....Yes, in Bloom. I have been waiting for years, and I dont know why this year is any different but I am thrilled. I hope it will do this every year.
This drapes over my side door enterance....They smell so sweet too.

It wasn't just the wisteria that was in bloom, there were so many trees in the yard that had turned into a monet painting.

The trip all started with Kelly and I off to China to visit with our manufacturers to secure new designs, discuss issues etc. We flew into Hong Kong, and then went into China by train.
Hong Kong is a very modern city, the cabs are all red that go to Hong Kong, or Green if they will be taking you to the mainland.

This is a sneek peak into just one item that will be coming soon. There is a small factory in remote china, that does the most intricate work for us. They are going to make these hand painted canvas butterflies for us, in a myriad of colors and designs, with all the edges hand stripped to have just the right fray. I love these.

If you get hungry in china there is always plenty of street food. Octopus skewers anyone???? (Ewwww).

We lucked out and got an upgrade to the executive suite. We called it the sweet suite. It was sweet. It had living room, dining area, office, huge bedroom, walk in closet and giant bathroom.

Not a bad view eh? this is the HOng Kong Harbor. We headed home the next morning.
I got home 24 hours later, literally got up the next morning, for a flight to New York with my Handsome Husband for an award ceremony the next day.
This is Times Square actually one hour before they had it vacated due to the bomb scare. That is how many people are there. Amazing isn't it?
New York always has avant guarde displays, like these distressed burlap chairs. I love the look of this, my husband on the other hand, just "doesn't get it" in his words. Why??? would anyone want that in their home?

I think this was a great idea. Take old metal tea sets, and prime and paint the outsides with a great gloss color. It is a contemporary classic.

Did I tell you I was on Broadway.

This amazing building is vacant and for sale.....Okay, I think I could actually live in New York with something like this. How European.
These tulips were in bloom all over the city.

This is a great old store sign. They are still in business and have been for over 100 years.

This was the old painting on the side of the building. They dont do that anymore. Signage is mostly done digitally now. It is truly a dying art.
Just another wonderful structure from New York.

This was the Salad at the Award Ceremony. Oh My Gosh !! It was thee best salad EVER. It had a puff pastry base, two colors of beets , yellow, and red, warm goat cheese topped with exotic lettuce, all drizzled with reduction sauce.....YUM YUM YUM.

This is the ceiling in the award ceremony. It was held at an amazing circa. 1880 bank. It was designed by the renowned architect of the day meade and white. It is nothing short of incredible.

We caught a play on Broadway Les cage au Folles. It was terrific, we had both seen it before, but this time it was starring Kelsay Grammer as the lead character. He was stupendous. I adore that play. So if ever in N.Y. try to see this one.
So now I am sitting in my living room, typing on my lap, and loving this day. It is my FAVORITE day of the year. I tell my kids, of all 365 this one single day is by far the best one of them all. I am so blessed, and fortunate, and thank god for my family. They are so understanding as I have had to be away for stretches of time on end. But thank God for my mom. (DEE) She is my hero. If it weren't for her, I could truly in no way be able to accomplish what I have. She moves in so I can move on. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you. I love you MOM> you're the best EVER !!!


Jeanne Nelson said...

Beautiful pics; makes me feel like I have been to Hong Kong, China and New York with you! But my favorite pics here are those from your garden ~~ absolutely stunning foliage! I love wisteria, and mine also fully bloomed this year, for the first time in many years. (Usually a cold snap tarnishes the buds before they can bloom.) Welcome home! Hope you can take a moment to relax before you have to get back to the grind. Happy Day!

Rebecca said...

Hey there Girl!
Good to see you back safe and sound. Loved the pictures, especially the wisteria... I have it but it has never bloomed for me either, maybe there is still hope!
I hope you had a wonderful mothers day, mine was spent with my kids that are here and we had a great day. Wishing you a great week ahead

The Altered Muse said...

Great pictures of your trip. How exciting! I loved the pictures also you have posted of Marburger. We spoke for a few minutes there. I was vending in Warrenton. I had seen you in WWC and loved your creative space. I went to your website and started ordering. I received my first shipment and it is grand! Looking forward to more and new.

The Attic said...

Thanks for sharing your journey. I don't know HOW you do it all and still keep your sanity! You must have some great people working behind the scenes..hey, maybe that could be a future blog post! heehee...


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