Monday, September 27, 2010


Tommarrow morning at 10 am the Marburger Farm Antique Show opens its doors and tents to the public. This show is the Queen of Antique Shows. The dealers are so proud of the displays, and make an effort of merchandising, that is worthy of the front cover of many magazines.
What makes this show different is the hospitality of the vendors, staff and locals.
This is the "lobby" of the farms quaint is this????

This is the King of the Farm. Rick and his wife and family own and run the show....they are amazing hosts of the event.

These shots are the day before opening day, this is how good these booths look BEFORE they are open, I will show open day shots later. You can imagine how good they look during the show.

the above vignettes are the wonderful time worn interiors as seen on her card below.

this is miss "chippy" I call her....her blog is 2chippys
She is another great talent.

her card is below

he has lost his head

bolts and bolts and bolts of rayon bindings.

The unmatched talent of this master from Willows Nest. His lovely bride Linda, was not in the booth yet. !!! I wanted everything he made....but tommarrow is shopping day for Gina/

Yes, he made this unit......

another talent in the show.....I always love her love love it.... Her card is below

how cool eh??? tin boat....

Okay, this is the sweet Robin, of magnolia pearl..... A super sweet soul with not a mean bone in her creative little body......a living her!

one of her creations.

yes, she and John made this amazing creation of wire, bits and baubles/

One of my favorite jewelry designers.....skip to my lou

Tons of European Antiques...their card is below.

The best sign painter in all of Texas....I love these guys.....super duper sweet and nice.

Oh, another favorite....her card is below

Oh, I want this shoe sign.......

another fine dealer in European antiques.....her card is below...

Beauty is everywhere !!!!!

Love these turq. tubs....

always taxidermy...there is quite a trend with stuffed wildlife these days.....

Run dont walk to Marburger this is worth the drive , flight, or journey...if for nothing else, just inspiration !!!



Carol said...

Thank you for sharing Marburger with me today. I don't get to the Marburger show every time. And I've never made it to opening day. I was in Warrenton last Saturday and will be back again this coming Saturday. The weather will be fabulous for you gals today. Enjoy.



Bohemian said...

Thanks SO much for the Marburger preview... alas, I cannot make it for this Fall Show so I will be living vicariously through all of the photos and posts shared by those of you who had the wonderful opportunity to be there in person!!! Obviously tons of creative genius will be there! Magnolia Pearl style is my favorite and what I wear most of the time so it was a real treat to see the preview of Robin and her Booth!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Love all the pictures, thanks so much for sharing them, since I didn't get to go this time!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

The Attic Girls said...

I've never attended any shows in Texas and this is sure tempting me for next year! Gina- will you be set up at the Ca Gift Show in Jan?


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