Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Bad Influence !!!!

Well I returned from another round of shows.   Atlanta was a super special show this year.
My mom "Diva Dee" was in the house for the first time ever !!!!!!
She has had numerous knee surgeries, so beings the mart is so huge I rented a scooter for her to use for the week.  Well................. The whole Peacock Flock got in on the action and we decorated her diva mobile.  It was hilarious.
Mom is such a good sport and played it up to the hilt. Waiving all the way to the elevator.  Only from the wrist of course.
Everyone fell in love with Dee, and I hope she can become a regular in the Showroom for the future. She does recommend that I move the checkout to the middle of the showroom, so that she can be more in the midst of it all....HAHAH.....we just may have to re-arrange for the next market.

My daughter Jazz  was also there to debut her line. (Thank you all who ordered from her.) it was a great success and she is already thinking of 2013 introductions to "All that Jazz".
Anyway, we do get slap happy during these shows, and I must tell you this is COMPLETELY sober.  Yes, I am not a drinker, but if I was I think we would be really in trouble.   We stayed in the westin, which is in a round tower, and so I thought, oh, lets have a race and see who can go the fastest.....and let me tell you, those things FLY if you push the button on "RABBIT".
Anyway................ one thing led to another, and before you know it, Kelly, Jeeves, and my daughter Jazz....(all decked out in their matching pajamas I might add). That is another story....but I made such fun of those, that they planned it so they ALL had them, and presented me with my own set.  WOO HOO.....But then Zsa Zsa called and wanted them back, so I shipped mine off....LOL.
So here is a little video of what we do at midnight in the hotels with 11 year olds. Yes, I think this is something you should not try at home, they are definately highly skilled and trained professionals as you can see..........Trained Monkeys in the circus that is.   Enjoy .............



trash talk said...

Round and round she goes...where she stops...nobody knows!

mitchiesmom said...

What a wonderful time!!! You are blessed to have your Momma and your daughter with you to experience life!! Thanks for including us in a bit of your trip!!

susan said...

PLEASE adopt me as your sister what a great time and family

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