Thursday, July 26, 2012

Something about Lavender......

 What is it about lavender that is so appealing?    It has the most wonderful fresh scent. It reminds me of France. The color is an unmistakable shade of dusty deep light purple.
 I dont claim to have a great green thumb, but ....... Not to toot my own horn but (TOOT TOOT).  My lavender has been looking pretty fabulous these days.
 Okay, okay.....I will fess up.  Actually Lavender is THEE most easy plant to grow on the planet. The only way to really hurt it is to fuss with them too much.  They like sandy soil or any soil that drains well. They dont like wet roots.
 They LOVE heat and dry conditions. So it is the dream plant for anyone who isnt much for spending too much time in the garden.
 Seriously....the more you ignore it, the better it gets. These plants were tiny little bits only two seasons they are busting over the walk.
 You can harvest the lavender right before the buds all open, tie it in bundles, and hang upside down. Then hang it in your closets for a terrific lavender scent that lasts for a very long time.
 Lavender is also edible, If you make some simple sugar cookies, and add some blooms into the mix, they not only look fantastic, but they taste great too.....and of course it looks like you are quite the pastry chef as well.

 There are many types of lavender, make sure its a hardy variety, and trust me you wont be dissappointed.  If you dont have a garden, then pop them in an urn or pot for a repeat performance every year. I like to add Ivy to the perimeter of the urn, so it cascades down the sides with a fountain of purple spires on top....and it will come back year after year.............


time worn interiors said...

Hey Girl! I love lavender!

Do you plan on having a warehouse sale this year? I would like to know when if you are doing it!

Sandi said...

GORGEOUS Gina!! I love lavender and yours is fabulous!!

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