Friday, January 6, 2017


I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted a blog.   Time has literally gotten away from me, and I have been down with a bad back and thought ,"hmmmmmm, I wonder when the last time I blogged was". Well.... sheeesh this is a bit rediculous !!!!   
       I have been getting the showrooms ready for market next week and truly just overdid it!!!  So now I am on here trying to remember how the heck I do this !  

  Getting ready for market is always a rush to get everything ready, The samples seem to always arrive later then expected,  and they all need to be photographed to go onto the website, so buyers can see what the heck they are going to buy.

   I love to use the Antique barns on the property, the stalls and lofts usually make a dark worn background, even though most of it never really shows. !
This is just an example of some of the lighting for 2017 along with some fun new products. 

Then its off to the Showrooms to stage them with all the new products for the season, and this time it is over 600.   Whew, that is a lot of items.........

I started in Dallas, and there was an odd room in the center of the showroom that just bugged me.  So finally I decided I couldn't take it any more, and we tore it out, but I seem to forget how much dust drywall can create!!!!  Holy Cow did I make some serious dust !!!   Deb ( The showroom manager) needed a riding vacuum to help with clean up...... It was pretty dusty, but we seemed to get it all cleaned up. 
There is always so many issues along the way, This poor deer needed some plastic surgery  before he was put out on display ! Poor Dear !!!!!! or Poor Deer ! :-0  
 Sometimes I honestly doubt if I will get I will ever get Humpty Dumpty back together again.  But it always seems to work out. 

I buy a lot of Antiques in Roundtop Texas, in fact I ended up buying some property down there   ( )  and put cabins and pavillions, for dealers to sell, and customers to stay twice a year for the Antique Week that is out of this world. 

Last time I purchased an incredible steel grain bin, and have used its curved walls in two showrooms, Atlanta and Dallas, while placing the roof in Dallas. It fits perfectly to complete the look of "The Rendezvous Collection" in Peacock Park design. 

 I just adore these whimsical butterfly headbands and wreaths.....such celebration sensations!

Add caption

 It always seems crazy when I just finished Christmas at home, I am decorating the showrooms for the Holidays all over again, just days after.  It makes me feel a bit like scrooge, I have to admit, I am not as jolly in January!!!!

 Well, now that I remember how to post a blog, my New Years resolution will be to try to post a bit more often.....okay, a lot more often.  Please accept my sincere apologies , and please come visit me in the showrooms if you are a retailer, and in Round top Texas if you are not.  Happy New Year, lets hope this a very good year!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


You can still get a copy if you contact Hoffman Media directly 

Last Fall we had a Barn Sale and a Barn Party, at Peacock Park and  The Cottage Journal Magazine came and Shot the Events for the Fall Issue That Came out This Fall.   I am so Grateful and Thankful for all the Wonderful Articles That They Have Published at Hoffman Media.  I Have so Much fun When They come out to Photograph, and Can't Wait till the Next Venture we Collaborate  on Together. 

Gathering Fall Leaves for the Party 
The color of these Maple leaves is so magical !

Michigan Fall WOW !
I Have a Couple 150 Year Old Barns on the Property, and I Love to Entertain in them.  So Last Fall we Started with an Empty Huge Shell.

We Started By Running Bales of Hay Down the Center of the Loft. Then I put Sheets of Plywood Across, to Make the Tabletop.  I used our Peacock Park design Burlap Net as a Runner and Tableskirt Over the top of our Natural Packing Paper From the Warehouse.   For Place Settings I Used Clear Glass Plates, with a Collage of Fall Leaves Pressed Between the Two Plates for Each Place Setting.

The photographer getting just the right shot!

 I Used Vintage Glass Ball Canning Jars as a pop of Color on the Table for Glasses. ( Nothing I love more than that  Vintage Vibe of old glass). 

My Peacock Park design Wallpaper Panels made a Perfect Backdrop to add Interest to a Food Station.
I also Love the Gothic Edge Table 

This made for a great gathering and conversation area.  And I loved using our Damask Linen Drapery Panels along the walls to break up the wood. 
 You can see How the Straw Bales Worked for Seating, and I lined the Table with Rows of our Metal Candle Lanterns, as Well as Using the Tall Woven Baskets as Centerpieces. 

This was the entrance for the Barn Sale, earlier in the day!

This is how the Barn Sale Showed in the Magazine. 

This is the finished project as it appears in the magazine.

  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.....Thank You so so so sooooo Much for all Your Love and Support and for Helping me Continue to do What I Love...... I am so Grateful. 
So from myself and everyone at Peacock Park Design THANK YOU and Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.

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