Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day !!!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there. Mothers day is not for just the women who have had biological little humans to raise.....But women who have made an impact in anyone and anything that lives. Think of the women that you have loved, known or admired in your life. I am sure they have had an impact on you to strive to be better, prove to be wrong, or simply want to "be". This is what Mother means. Someone who cares and pushes you in her own little way to become a better you, allow you to fall, and be waiting to pick up the pieces, like a bird that kicks the babies out of the nest. I am sure it is not easy but is neccessary for them to fend for themselves.
A mother is someone who simply has a nurturing soul. You can be young or old.
My daughter is the best mother. She is mother right now, to a slew of fallen babies of springs mishaps. From tadpoles, to robins eggs, bunnis and lambs. She is mothering them all with kind compassion and caring.
So here is to all you mothers out there, children or no children you deserve this day. Please watch this video and you can really see the power of a mother.
A mother is not predjudice, judging, or mean.......just love.
And of course to my mom !!! who of course happens to be the best in the world. Yes, she prayed for a girl.....poor thing got a tomboy from the start. Mud pies, bullfrogs, bugs, jeans, and never brushing my hair. I didnt wear a dress until I was out of high school, I had constant art projects unfinished and waiting for just the perfect inspiration to finish them. And oh, my continuous stream of pets....and she is ALLERGIC. (thats a good mom eh?) Well mom, here is to you, to let me be ME!!! as strange and crazy as I was. Always different, and danced to the beat of my own drum, which was so far off of what you were. Classy, stylish, and beautiful. Yes, I am the polar opposite, but I couldnt have asked for a better mother, inspirational, hard working, and beautiful. You are the best mother, and grandmother that this family could ever ask for....Thank you for giving me, Me !!! I love you.

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