Friday, October 30, 2009

Home Again.....

Well, we are home again from another successful trip to the pacific rim.
Kelly had never been to Shanghai, so I took the opportunity to show her some of the sights. This is the garden or Yu. It was a PRIVATE, yes I said private garden for the Emporer of China 200 years ago. Oh, the poor guy had to wander around in such beauty....Can you imagine?? Every inch of the garden is planned and executed. He would stroll around and contemplate who he would kill, let live or just do some calligraphy studies.
All of the stone cliffs and mountains are completely man made, if you look closely they are manipulated mounds of smaller rocks cemented together.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Haunting

Well, It is official....Summer is over. The ONLY thing that makes it less depressing is to get out the Fall decor and turn your abode into an autumnal oasis. I love Fall Decor. I especially like Halloween.

Just adding gourds and pumpkins to all my exsisting vignettes gives the impression I spent hours....when really its a matter of minutes.

I love this little halloween dress. I couldnt decide "do I do a little laundry line?"
Nah, I just left it where I unpacked it, and I kinda like the casual look.

Everyone out in the yard gets into the act. I have many statues , they all don either a hat, mask or both.

I know these manequins from my old clothing stores would come in handy for something......well. now they are reborn as crash landing witches.

This is a very important marker that puts my home on the national registry of historical places.....(NOT).

Just a simple black and orange lantern adds so much.

I love these steel colored pumpkins....who says they have to be orange??

Stuck onto a candlestick I think it looks great.

paper silouette crows are everywhere !!

It is easy to add the fall decor to your existing decor. It takes on a totally new look, but with little effort. Oh, tuck in some preserved fall leaves too.....

Look how great Sevres porcelain looks with pumpkins and leaves.

I have so many indoor sculptures and busts. I get them into the act with masks, hats, wigs, glasses, whatever I find to fit them. It makes a fine piece of art almost whimsical.

Of course, every house needs a giant web.

I found this antique oija board at an antique fair.....Oh I love to mix antique pcs. with holiday decor.

Monsieur E"bone"eezer. LOVE HIM!!!

These little glass beaded pumpkins are so sweet and look great tucked anywhere.

I love these cut out pumpkins. You dont have to say you dont have alot of room. Cluster them into a corner, in a giant cauldron and fill it with straw. It will be much more impactful.

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