Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Designs for 2010

I am working through getting some of the new items for the 2010 market that takes place in January. Although these are not the final pictures. They will give you an idea. Just in case you want a sneak peak. There are SOOooooo many more than this , but this is a sprinkling, let me know what you think.

This is one of my personal favorites....
Embellished Paris !!!

Of course, the famous French Flea !
My favorite spot in the world.

Anything with birds or burlap and I automatically love it, but this has eh?

Okay, everyone knows I am a huge fan of graphics and old lettering. take a look at these signs...I think they are so wonderful to put in a kitchen or a large wall to pair with some old chalkboards, and of course Le' Moo. (Our french cow). Best of all these items are sooooooooo inexpensive. I am thrilled with the pricing

I don't really know a soul who doesn't want to spend an evening in Paris. My perfect place to go. If it were MY eve. in Paris, I would be sitting right at my favorite resturaunt eating my hot goat cheese salad, an order of onion soup (we dont say "french onion" there, or they think you are a dork) an order of escargot with creme brulee for dessert and over looking the river seine with the lights hitting Notre Dame just enough to eluminate her, but not was her in light. and all this for 27 Euros. You cant beat it.

Just imagine this planted with moss and filled with gourds right now.... luv luv luv it!

This is great sofa sized, big and impactful. You cannot I REPEAT have too many eiffel towers in ones home!

Okay, just pretend these are the gates that lead to your chateau that your ring of keys will open !!
Hey, if your gonna dream, dream big.

These bottle dryers have been used for centuries, but I love them to use them for holding coffee cups, or in a craft room they can hold bolts of ribbon, large cones of thread, you name it.

Cute , Cute, Cute...........this little plastic lined burlap bag holds ice for wine, or use it to put around the base of an ugly plant etc. or just hold your mess around the phone desk....who cares, its just sooooo cute....and did I say cheap...oh, yes, cheap.

No I didnt steal this off the top of an old building, but it looks like I did. The factory did an amazing job duplicating the tin spire. It is great just as a centerpiece or in the garden with vines growing up.

After so many requests from our customers to get in some wire goodies, we listened. I love the industrial edge that is so hot in decor right now. It mixes nicely with everything. This is a double desk tray, It looks like it was right off of Dick Tracy's desk.


The Nest said...

Love the new stuff!!!!! Can't wait to see more!

The Attic Girls said...

Oh Lordie - you mean we have to wait until after the New Year?...Wahhhh!

Nancy said...

Everything is just amazing! I would be thrilled to win anything in your weekly give away. How generous!

Sandyl said...

Gina, you've done it once again! You items are just as tempting as the antiques from Texas! Thanks for staying abrest of the market offering us GREAT pieces to mix with our vintage ones! You rock it solid!

Tee of Vinnord Cottage said...

oh my.... how I wish SOMEONE distributed from you here in Norway... I am in love with your stuff and I am dying to see your entire cataloge... sigh... and of course buy the lot :)

whiterose said...

I saw the article in Victoria, really enjoy your style. I went to your website and blog to find out how I could buy some of your products and found nothing except wholesale. I live in Northern California, about 2 hrs north of San Francisco, any stores in Marin or Sonoma County carry your products?

Thank You

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