Monday, February 18, 2013

Market Madness !!!!!!!!

Thank you to all our Wonderful Customers.......

The Market Season has ended. It is like the Super Bowl for us.    This is what we all work so hard for all year long.  It is a mad dash to get all the showrooms ready for the Buyers, all the samples ready, tagged,displayed etc.....
It is always such a nervous time for me....Will they like my new designs?????  Will they order them??? Will my samples arrive on time????  What if ? What if ?? What IF ??????
Yes, I am always a ball of nerves. But it always works out...   I Kelly and I work into the wee hours of the morning....then by the time it is "showtime" we already have blisters from walking back and forth so many times in the showroom.
It is always so good to see all our freinds and customers. Many who we only get to see once a year. 
We moved the showroom in Dallas to a new location , and it was a good move. We had people who came in asking
 " Where have YOU been?"
Thats a good sign.
This is the garden area in Dallas

More Dallas

My favorite Frame

So many of these frogs have been sold.....
Of course always my signature crowns.....
The new sling bag, it was a great hit...I have my favorite!
This corner is in Atlanta

This is a corner in Atlata, the truck door is from a delivery truck in Paris...Yes, it weighs a TON. I had that hauled home, crated and shipped here......oh I love this crazy door. I think it would be a terrific headboard for a guest room, or mirror the window for a vanity extroidinaire..

These trucks were originally going to be for Christmas only, but with all the requests to get them early they are now going to be part of the spring line up.

Another fantastic truck door...I have a "thing" for all these old doors. I want to one day possibly have a collage of them on the wall. So I keep collecting.  Let me know if you have any laying around, I'm your gal if your looking to sell !

This is christmas in the Atlanta Showroom. A bit cramped I know.  I just started Christmas last year, but I have had so much fun adding a Christmas line, that it keeps growing and grow-i-n-g......I have a problem with knowing when enough is enough.

This is a view of   " All that Jazz" my daughters line.  It has done so well, however, we have had many many issues getting it completed. So thank you to all who are patient and waiting. She is donating proceeds to animal welfare.  So the clock ticks and we are STILL waiting. know what they say, good things are worth waiting for.

This is our first home...ATLANTA

This is mom....aka: Diva Dee. She is on hand to greet the customers and give advise..."shes good at that" Customers LOVE her, and so do we. 
The cute one with her, is camera shy Jazz.
Canvas leather trimmed totes....REAL leather, NOT pleather, NOT vinyl....but leather...Yes, I am such a persnickety one about that.

We were thrilled to have the infamous, loved and adored Ms. JO Packham on hand to sign her new book and magazine for our customers.  Her infectious laugh, high energy and all around great attitude make her one of my favorite people, and I am lucky to call her my friend.....Thank you Thank you Thank you JO, XOXOXOXO
She is a star!!  We sell all the props at Market, and get new for the next show...sometimes there are pieces that I am just too attached to, and hate to see go....I must say THIS is one of them....
It sold right away.....okay WHAAAAAAAAAaaaaa   I am still in mourning.
This is JO with some of her adoring fans


This is the front counter...the heart of the showroom, and notice the sign: Your hostess: DIVA DEE.  Oh yes, she takes that title VERY seriously......

Thank you again for all your support and orders, each and every one, no matter how big or how small are truly appreciated. If you dont have a store near you for some of these products, let me know, and I will find a store near you, or many of our customers have online stores and can ship anywhere...
Merci Boucoup ,
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