Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The BIG apple.......

Here we were in Times Square, right at 10 pm. when Broadway lets out. It is insane... thousands of people.....all walking , gawking, and being seen. All of a sudden there was a loud bang. It sounded like a jet too close. Everyone starts looking up at the sky wondering what the heck it was. Then it happens again, but this time the sky lights up. Okay, we are trying not to freak, but wondering...hmmmmm did something crash?? It sounds like a canyon because the sound echos thru the tall building. Then the sky opens up and DUMPS....I mean DUMP. Ya know the kind of rain that is so strong, that it goes sideways??? Well it was the kind of a summer rain storm that kids pray for. As you can see, the playbill is soaked and that puddle is the bottom of Kellys shoe after we made up 19 floors to our room.

Yes, this is one wet group. Literally we could not have been more wet had we jumped in a pond.

This was the scene just minutes before the storm. Keep in mind it is after 10 pm. Can you see that it looks like daylight? Times square must have one heck of an electric bill. I have never seen such a bright intersection.

These poor guys are soooo fit, can you imagine having to pedal people around. ??? Not me. I would say, sorry buddy, I have a 75 pound weight limit, and I would whip out the scale then yell.....NEXT.!!
These bike taxis were sailing thru the streets during the storm. The canopies worked as an umbrella and propelled them, I felt so bad for them. They say it was an actual tornado that whipped thru NYC> and it unfortunately took out soooo many hundred year old trees in central park, and they had to close off parts of it because of storm damage the next morning. We just took off our shoes, and waded in water up to our ankles, the rain was so fierce it was flooding the streets. It felt like we were 10 again. I could tell that so many people really wanted to just go for it too, but that "adult" in them just wouldnt let them do it. I am so glad we did. It was a blast.

This is "T" . He is the hi-lo driver on the pier. That is where we set up our showroom for the NYC gift show.

FINALLY......Someone who really is "worth their weight in gold" HAHAHA

I kept telling him to be careful, I would melt him down for cash.

These are our patina pennies we put in a display.

This is Kelly's dirty hand that placed the patina pennies in Peacock Park Design.

Here we go again. I always wonder how it will turn out.? It starts with a mess of 17 pallets of stuff, and cases needed to put it all together. We never have a real plan. We like to work it out when we get there...I swear we are gluttons for punishment.

Our new facade. Oh my gosh, I love this thing. I think it would look amazing in any store or built into a super chic abode. It is meant to be flat against a wall, but we had it freestanding and it was such a hit.

Heres......Rudy. Our Lucky Talisman.

Love Love Love this new cage. Check out the fluer top !!! We had alot of our new products on debut at New York. The response was fantasic. I am overwhelmed with all the positive feedback. Thank you soooooooooo much.

Our booth seemed to go on for ever.....but we used EVERY square inch as usual.

Most people thought these chairs were french antiques.....but NO, they are in the line....I am so proud of the finishes on so many of these items, they are so authentic looking. Instant heirlooms. Gotta love that.

The Jewlery that I have introduced has been an unexpected hit. So say now more, I just wanted an excuse to design more jewlery. I am working on some great new designs, all with antique graphic inspired creations with crosses, crowns and clutter. I think you will love the price point too. I will unveil the " Peacock Boutique" in Atlanta in January. We have also expanded our showroom and are adding much more room for treasure.

Of course my personal favorite, 'tHE pARIS oPERA"

After just 4.5 days it is all over. So Rudy gets his place of honour in the "carcass". It is a large rolling crate that houses our best treasures to make it home safe.

This is such a ghastly picture, but it is quite literally the first time I had sat down. I think you can tell by the shot, I am showing the fatique. talk about circles and bags. yikes

This is wishful thinking on the part of the "team". They would all love nothing more than to send me off on a pallet, and just pull me out when its show time.

Bon Soir New York, until next time.

A birds eye view of New York City.

Our connection was cancelled, so I rented a car to just drive the last leg home. OH, Yuk. Everyone who knows me, knows that RED is my least favorite color. I wont even have red flowers, if tulips come up red, I will pull them. I dont know, I just deplore the color. Now I like 'dirty red" burgandy and all shades but NOT primary color red. With that said, up pulls this ghastly red ambulance. I think we looked like the SUPER NANNIES. It was hilarious. Not my cup of tea, but you know what they say about red on a car.???? Resale Red....so there must be a ton of people who disagree with me on this one

The response has been overwhelming. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your kind words, and enthusiasm about the line.

From the bottom of my heart I truly thank you !

Gina xox
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