Monday, April 11, 2011

Texas Texas Texas.....................

Is this the perfect Texan welcome for me???? I can't think of anything more different combined to make such beauty......Yes...Paris is My favorite place. I must say though that Round top Texas is another favorite spot. Something about the people, hospitality and pastures that just make you fall in Love. The familiar road to where I stay. This is the canopy of trees that is down the lane to Betty and Dell's house. I stay with them when I am in town. They have a wonderful retreat called" trails west.
My favorite part about the Spring show is the Bluebells, and they were everywhere....they look like tiny delphiniums .
Okay now for the good stuff....this is just some shots of treasure abound..... amazing how an old tin pot filled with a bouquet looks so divine isnt it.
What a great idea for any coffee table. Get yourself a gallon of chalkboard paint and cover an old coffee table for the kiddies to play on. I think adults will have more fun with it though. Keep boxes of colored chalk in the little drawer if you have one.
Just a pile of metal junk turned into art. No you know what to do with that old plane you had as a kid....put it in a display !
I know, I know, I love this one too......BUT... the price....geez.... I think it was over 600 dollars, but it was complete with all the pieces and hard to find. So I have a picture to remember it by.
If this boat wasn't 1200 dollars it would be sitting in the center of my Dallas Showroom with glass across the seats for thee best display ever ! It had a flat bottom so it would be easy to make a stand for it. oh, well....c'st la vie.
This did come home with me is an old ice box. It has absolutely NO paint, and is in just a wonderfully worn zinc color metal. It will be my new magnet display for the new magnet sets I have coming. All with french scenes and graphics. They will look super on it.
This old icebox is the king of ice boxes. But with a pricetag of 10,000. I had to pass. Oh, I would have loved that one in the showroom too, but it is over the budget thats for sure.
This gal is certainly one who wears what she sells. She has burlap pants, that she says are lined and quite comfy. Her whole boutique is in a tiny airstream trailer. Inside is a fitting room and garments, feathers, and fluff....She is very creative.
Oh, these are TO DIE FOR !! Have you ever had a home made Ding Dong???? Well another first for me. Yum, Yum....and the sign is just as fabulous.
I saw alot of Peacock Park Design products in Texas. I was glad to hear that it is selling for the stores. This is a great use for our crown. I love it as a candle topper.
This is a display from Leftovers that is a store in Brenham, about 40 minutes from Round Top. They are super talented and have a great eye for design.
Look who I found loafing at Leftovers !! Its Rick from Marburger Farms. He looks pretty relaxed considering his show "Marburger" opens the very next moring.
I took a couple of freinds out to see the "outpost" it is the most fabulous ranch that Ms. Shabby Chic aka: Rachel Ashwell has aquired this past year.
Rachel gave us a wonderful tour of the place. It is a slice of heaven in Texas . We had a nice afternoon with Rachel and her wonderful assistant Jamie. It was so good to see them both again.
There are many different buildings but this is the kitchen in the main pavillion house that has a large room with comfy couches to relax on, and a room of tables and chairs to have the largest of barbeques.
This is one of the guest cabins......with of course...Shabby Chic bedding and big fluffy down comforters.
Me, Rachel and the dog named Pearl.
another view of another building at Rachels Ranch...she affectionately calls it "The Prarie". She always loved "little house on the prarie" when she was young, so now this is her rendition.
this is a booth at Marburger
This is a very rare site.....There are very few men at Round Top. The town is over run by women, so when you do find them , they are usually perched together, so they can stick together and not feel so outnumbered.

This is Magnolia Pearl is a phenomenon......if you can see the crowds inside the booth, all clammering for a piece of the dream. Robin and her husband John live, work and play the "magnolia pearl" lifestyle. They are genuine sweet people who dont have a spiteful fiber in their beings.....They deserve absolutely all the success and more that comes their way......
Robin make Charlie Chaplin shoes, and lace skirts chic.
They buy it by the armloads......It is a Texas specialty here at Marburger.

This is one of the wonderful creations from "WILLOWS NEST" They are an awesome team. One who decorates (linda) and one who creates (ludmil). He is a master of metal.
I fell in love with these lights...they look like large blossoms, but they are made of old speakers from a victrola record creative is that ??

I saw alot of old paint brushes and palettes. I was glad to see them. I collect them myself, and have had paintings on palettes with the brush left intact full of paint displayed with the painting on the palette. They are currently in the line for Peacock Park Design
This is a piece of art made of all thing from nature. She covered an old light fixture with moss, branches, lichen, twigs , dried mushrooms and taxidermy to create the most whimsical of fixtures.

One of many trips in my rented pick up to load up my treasures. This building facade will hopefully become an arbor in the Dallas showroom. I have many different ideas for it....I will just have to see once it gets there, how I decide to use it...but I love it. One piece of architectural

salvage can change a new space into something more established with character.

It just goes to show you that truly one persons trash is another ones treasure. You can make an art piece out of anything if you try. There is beauty in just about everything around if you just look hard enough...
Bon Jour

Gina Xo

I will also have a complet blog on Marburger Farms at In a few days it will be up hopefully....check it out.

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