Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where's Waldo???

Have you ever heard of those books called "wheres Waldo?" Well, if you haven't they are books that have a million things going on in a sketch, and you search for Waldo.

Well...........This month I feel like him. It is like, Where the heck is Gina. It seems like this past month is a blur. I have been so many places, its nuts. Well in the midst of all this the first day of spring arrives. Then it is time to plant the flowers. Look at my urns !!!! YUK< this is what a winter will do for your yard folks. You who have no winter are so fortunate. So I figure, hey I have a quick hour, I will race up to my local nursery get some flowers and simply fly around and get some of my planting done........

Well as you can see, at my house this is not always as easy as it may seem. I have to have a fan club. Hey, don't get me wrong. It is TRULY nice to be loved and appreciated, but this is rediculous !

Isn't this crazy....yes, this is only what you see in my camera phone, there is a few more of the menagerie out of the lenses view.

Cats , dogs, sheep, donkeys oh my............Yes, Ellie mae is in her glory !! I do love these lugs I gotta say.....My husband, well that is another subject. If he threatens to have lambchops one more time, I will blow a fuse. He cant stand it, because they wont let you in the house, they block the doors, etc.......They truly are the welcoming commitee.

It is amazing what a few flowers can do for improvements isnt it???

The next morning I set out for Atlanta. I met the gals from VICTORIA magazine again, and this time we went to my friends farm. They were thrilled with the shoot. It will probably be in the next spring issue. I will of course keep you all posted.

I will tell you what is incredible....all the flowers and plants are REAL, yes, REAL....this is not for show ....this is how they roll. NO fake stuff in this beautiful abode.

This was our bedroom, Nice eh???? Yes, I got Mr. Wonderful to come along....I couldnt believe it, but last minute he caved, and he was glad he did. Dan and Randy were MORE than gracious hosts. We love them so much.

I know, I know, rediculous isn't it ?? Just every inch is perfectly perfect !!

This was the tacky view we had to endure through our bedroom window....oh, it was hard to take, but I was a trouper and made the best of it !

I had so much fun helping stage this for the magazine shoot. It is going to be a smashing issue, I cant wait......You will be so taken with the beauty this home has.

everywhere you look is something great to look at.

I dare you to find a is pristine. I love love love this place. Oh, so casually elegant.

Breakfast on the veranda was magical.

If you love their style, they also have a wonderful store in atlanta Buckhead, called Boxwood Gardens. Fabulous store !

Just hanging out in the main hall.

After I got home from there, I worked at the warehouse for two days, to get ready for the warehouse sale, but I had a wedding of some great friends to attend. It was an amazing wedding. It was on the beach in St. Augustine Florida...If you have never been there, GO.

It is the oldest town in America. It was settled in 1523. WA-A-A-AY before the pilgrims.

This was the venue for the ceremony....How cool is this? Ahhhhh, just the perfect breeze, waves crashing, it was very sweet and romantic, and the bride was beaming...They are an adorable couple . Guess how they met????? E-Harmony !! yep....that commercial is not a bunch of bunk. People do really meet and fall in love. Isnt that cool? So any of you thinking it is not for you.Well........I think its worth a shot.....You really can meet your soul mate.

Okay, no, I am not sick, it is just another ghastly picture of me. But this one is taken of me standing on THEE oldest street in AMERICA.....Isnt that amazing......WOW, think about it, that is history people!

Of course I am in love with history , so I have to check out any and all the original buildings and monuments I can find. This is the gallows that are in the jail.

This is how they looked 100 years ago. It is sick to think that people would line up, men, women and children to watch some poor soul get hanged. wow, what entertainment eh? It makes me shiver to think if my kids had to witness anything like that. They usually held the hangings on weekends so that noone would miss it.

If you were caught doing the unthinkable like spitting on the sidewalk, or looking cross at the ladies, then you would be left to hang from a tree for 3 days in the "guilded cage" that would be so that the townsfolk could look at you and humiliate you. They would hang for generally 2 or 3 days with no relief for restroom duties, they had to do it in the view of the onlookers.

Next was the wealthy set. They wore these revealing suits to swim.

At the time this was the largest indoor pool of its day. It was in the hotel, and quite the retreat I might add. It was really for the VERY wealthy. These hotels were not booked like we do now. You couldnt get it for one night. You would be charged for the "season" Jan thru april. and it was per night, for 4 months. Regardless if you stayed one night or the entire block. It was equivilent to the average mans income for 4 years for the stay.

The pool has since closed, but they filled it in, and made it an antique shopping area, as well as a cafe. I was glad to see they didnt demolish it, like the original idea was.

Okay, so I am not a boater.....

Then after I returned home from florida, I frantically tagged and sorted goodies to sell at the

warehouse sale.
I also sneaked a day trip to Dallas to check out the new showroom, and pick up some new antiques and fixtures to get it ready for market next month. I will leave next week with Kelly to start build out on the new space. It will be great I hope......

The warehouse sale continues until tomorrow, then we will organize the goodies for pick up to be trucked to Dallas for the new showroom. We have soooooooooo many new treasures. I cant wait, I just hope there is room for the products after all the great display finds I have aquired.

Have a super summer. and come see us at the markets.


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