Saturday, February 22, 2014


For years I have been dusting off my boots and heading down to a tiny town in Texas called Roundtop.
 This is a tiny town of only 90 people, that swells to tens of thousands two times a year.

Well on the last trip down my friend Carrie Hurley aka: (Jeeves) and I were driving by and spied the sweetest slice of heaven, and long story short it is now a venue that we have combined our passions in and hope to make a home away from home for many who make the bi-annual trek to Round Top looking for Inspiration, Treasure, Trinkets or just a great getaway!!!

 Our slice of Heaven is 8 acres right on Hwy237 smack dab between Round top and Warrenton.
 These acres will eventually be full of tents with exclusive Unique dealers with a varied array of treasure.
Dual Porch swings are waiting for anyone who wants to come and take a load off, have a cool drink, do some shopping or just relax.

This is just a sample of some of our inaugural offerings 

Oh yes!!! this face says it all...... Everyone knows it is so hard to get food during Antique Week.....Well.... Get  a load of this....
Eat your Heart out!
Yes, she was voted best in the area and now she will be in Round Top.....Her famous home made Ding dongs..and oh, so much more, bout a sneak peek at the menu???????

The Bake Shop and Cafe will be there in all her majestic splendor.

If there isnt something here that doesn't hit the spot.... Come see us everyday for her ever changing ever creative menu!!!!

You haven't lived until you have tried these ever popular home made ding dongs.WOW WOW WOW

We are so happy to announce that the uber talented family affair called "The Dove Cote" will be selling out of our venue this year.  We have been big fans of theirs for years, and the super talented family remixes old architectural pieces and bits and baubles to create pieces for every decor along with their wonderful selection of Antique and Vintage wares. Be sure to see what they have to offer this market.

 We are also super excited to have Shiver Shaved Ice.....This is the REAL DEAL.  Not a snow cone, but true Hawaiian shaved ice with amazing creative real flavors. Come in and try one of these creative concoctions. The signature surprise "The Rendezvous" will be sure to be on our repeat list.

Okay is this just the cutest couple EVER!!!   This super duper talented duo will also be showing their wares in our field of dreams.  I am a huge fan of this wonderful team, they exude talent and creativity. Be sure to stop by and say hi, and see what they are up to this season...... She has been a customer of Peacock Park design for years, and I am a customer of hers. It is certainly mutual respect here......You need to see what they are up to, trust me you will not walk away empty handed!

 This is another wonderful Amazing customer of Peacock Park Design.  She has a booming business in Fredricksburg Texas but is going to join us in our Little Field of Dreams this market as well. 
She is super talented, and has a knack for display that is magical. We love her eye for the unusual and terrific Antique and Vintage finds at terrific prices.  She carries Chalk Paint and is quick to suggest tips and techniques for ways to create treasure from trash. 
She is a super fun gal and we can't wait to spend the time together. 

Jeeves and I took this picture of our crazy hats in the shadows last trip in Round Top....little did we know that it would all lead to this wonderful amazing crazy fun venture.  Our plans to evolve are basically endless, but we will have some terrific to be announced whirlwind events, and the addition of whimsical cabins to rent are coming soon.  We hope you come by, say hi, take a load off, grab a cool one, and most of all......linger with us, and enjoy this little slice of heaven we have lovingly called " The Rendezvous".

Pretty Please with sugar ontop "like" us on Facebook is where you can contact us, and also keep up with all our shenanigans.
Let us know if you would like to be considered to join our Family of vendors of fun , food, and frivolity!  
Merci Boucoup 

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