Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well, I am sorry to say, that I have been slow to blog these days, but I have had a full agenda.

We are back home from the summer show circut, and it was another successful season.

THANK YOU to everyone of you who sell my products, buy my products, and use my products.

These are just a slew of random pictures of Atlanta show, I hope you can see through the Chaotic Clutter.

I am leaving this coming week for Paris, to go to some shows, flea markets, and french countryside. I promise to bring home a million pictures of wonderful treasure, and just plain inspiration..........

Bon Jour !

I always have birds in the cages at the show in Atlanta. These birds were a special surprise from my friend Todd from Park Hill. I am proud to say, I think I am going to be a grandma....They have laid 8 eggs since we got home, and they have adapted quite nicely to their new surrounding. The fly free in my "bird room" that is like a conservatory, with a fountain for them to bathe in, and trees to roost. They will fly right down and visit with us now..they have become quite tame.

Le'Moo the Glass Mosaic cow is always a hit at the shows. Customers tell me she sells right out of the box.

The oval print is framed in a embossed relief tin frame. It is a hot box top from a Tophat that I found at the Paris Flea Market. It is amazing how things can take on a new life being redesigned.

This is Rudy, our lucky tallisman. He was with us from the beginning, so we move him around the showroom.

I know, I know, It's alot to look at !!!

I just can't stop..........

MORE , MORE, MORE..........

Tin book boxes....Cool eh, made to match the tin boots.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hang on to your hats...It's gonna be an unbelievable ride !!!!!

Last Week I was at the Atlanta showroom during the July Market, and got the EXTREME pleasure to bring the entire staff on thee most amazing field trip.
Welcome to Camp Boxwood......affectionately known as "the farm".
Just 1 hour outside Atlanta in the rolling countryside is the most incredible slice of heaven.

Dan and Randy who I will refer to as "Dandy" are the dynamic duo that make this fantasy a reality. Dan gives the Lions share of the credit for the creative force to Randy....( who I might add is THEE most talented human being on earth !!!) You will completely agree by the end of this blog.
The attention to detail is nothing short of a movie set.
When you pull up to the gates, you just KNOW there is something special behind them.

This is not the clearest shot but I HAD to show you, even the laundry line is special !!!!

A long winding driveway then we cross a stone bridge that leads to the main house.

Yes, THIS is the main house.......I lost my voice I was screaming so much....

I am showing you the "before" picture early on, so you can have a complete appreciation for the magic that has happened in this slice of heaven.
Yes, this IS what was on the property when they purchased the land, just 7 years ago...

And look at it NOW !!!

Impeccable details inside and out..... Oh, I love this cow match holder. I would love to duplicate this baby...who wouldn't love this in their kitchen????

They had appetizers, and dinner for us spoiled rotten carload of chicks !! They have presentation in everything they do !!!

Every bathroom is fitted with authentic fixtures. This one has a pull chain toilet, and the tip bowl sink. The type of sink that has no drain, the bowl suspends on a pivot, and has a porcelain grip to tip the sink back and empty the water into the basin below in the cabinet !!! I confess, I washed my hands too many times, but I wanted to play with the sink.

This is just a corner in the front room, notice the puppy nook under the window seat.

I wish I had more interior shots, I will do another post maybe after the January market, and give you a full interior tour. It is simply NOT to be believed. This is just an example...remember, this staircase was made using bits and pieces of found objects and a creative mind like Randy is a killer combination. The ingenious little bench made at the end of the stair is made by using the keyboard support of an old piano found by Randy.

The top of the piano was used in this wall niche, and the bottom is , guess what ??????
A speaker horn from a victrola cut in half and all painted white. I know , I know, it is incredible right ?? I bow down to the master !!!
Oh, and by the way, the ferns and orchids are all real...... If you remember my post a while back I gave you a tour or the "main" city house, and told you about the business the "Dandy" started called "Boxwood Gardens" It is in Buckhead Georgia, everyone in Atlanta knows "Boxwoods". I am thrilled to have Peacock Park Design products be part of their carefully chosen inventory.

Porches, porches, and more porches.....covered, screened, open....Aaahhhh the country life.

This bench is literally 13 feet long, incredible , incredible, incredible

A view off the round rotunda porch......not bad eh??

More porch decor !

This is a view of the beloved "pet cemetary" They truly love their animals, and as you can see, they not only spoil them in this life, but also in their next.

Now prepare yourself for a garden that will turn Martha green with envy.

This is the end cuts from our wonderful meal, we took it out to the hen house, even scraps are put in a chic basket.

Every single stone is laid by hand by you know who.....Randy of course. He is soooooooooooo talented, hard working, and humble.....

The master getting his grain for the babies....

This is the ULTIMATE......yep, Curtains for the girls !!! well, a girl needs a little privacy ya know !

This is just an example of genius design. The eaves on the hen house, would normally be simple and plain.....Not camp boxwood..... note the wren holes for added oompf......

Okay.....Now fasten your seatbelt, or hop in the back of the vintage white pickup and go down the lane to the barns.....or eh hum...should I say stables. OMG this is the most eloquent equestrian abode on the planet ~~~~.... and YES, they are all designed and created by the dynamic duo of "Dandy". Even though Randy does the work, and has the vision, Dan is just as involved, finding the treasure to embellish the estate. They scour flea markets, sales, and auctions to acquire all the necessary accouterments for the final product.
Without the support of your other half it is nearly impossible to run on your full creative conscious. If I didn't have the support of my husband there is no way I would have the excitement and desire to do what I love....create.! It is so nice to have a cheerleader in your life.
This "barn" was originally an old country church that has been extended, heightened and exploded into this incredible structure that you see now.

The arched doors are from Paris of course......and notice the dovecote at the tippy top.....miles and miles of gingerbread trim.

I wonder if Mr. Ed, knows that he has it made.??? The horses are all rescues to boot..... Just think , from food shortage to the lap of luxury. How divine.

Every stable needs a trophy case.

The Caretakers kitchen....staged as if the stable hands just left.......luv it !!!!!!!

This is just an example of the attention to detail. Horse whip and reins for the drapery treatments in the stable room quarters. Eat your heart out Ralph...

Look at the stables......this is like church....I swear I heard angels sing when we walked in here.

Randy made stalls out of wood panels, and iron rail parts... and put the stall doors on an angle, so the entire section is a hexagon of fabulousness. oh, and notice the herringbone brick floor....every single brick laid by you know who.......Yep....Mr. Talented.

One of the original pews from the church....stained now in wonderful stable burnt brown.

A broom and boots by the door...a great still life.

Dear Dan and Randy,
Thank you for a wonderful day in Wonderland.
Thank you for your incredible hospitality and gracious gift of a day at the farm for myself and my coworkers.
Thank you for the incredible meal.
and most of all thank you for your freindship....I love you both

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