Friday, July 17, 2009

Whew !!!!!!!!!!

Well.......we made it home from Atlanta. Wow, what a great show! We are so blessed and we were crazy busy and slammed for the duration of the show. I am so lucky to do something I love, and it is soooo great to meet all our customers in person. I love to hear the stories about what good homes our products have found.

It was a huge success, and I am so grateful for each and every order. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

I am posting pictures of the showroom in the midst of chaos, and at the end that still looks like chaos, however, I like to call it contrived chaos. It is our signature style.....(Packed and Stacked). I must say we needed to use every square inch.

Kel-Bel went with me early to "stage" the showroom. But with 17 pallets in the hallway, and tons of large items, I think she was slightly concerned.

Here we are in the eye of the storm !!!!!

We made a neat fountain out of our new rusty spout pitcher and buckets.

We replaced the bistro door with this one, I think it has much more personality. Our opera stamp window shade does just trick to hide the hurricane behind the door.

We sold sooooo many of these little bottles. I could think of tons of things to display inside, but we used cool beans and antique documents.

Le' Moo was a terrific hit at market. If you look closely her black spots are made of black glass mosaic. How tres' chic.

The building facade from Iowa found its new home in our showroom. I am crazy for it!! I think it adds such substance and age to the space. I left all the past remains of ivy that must have covered it at one time.

My one time over one hundred years ago, only the priveledged few would have had the delite to play with one of these " theatre petite" But we have created one for anyone. It is an exact replica of the exterior of the paris opera house. This is where the famed phantom resided, down in the gallows of storage where an underground stream was rumoured to have existed.

The real finches in our cage were a welcome addition to the showroom.
Their names are Fluer and De lis

A laundry line of our new aprons.

I bought 80 pounds of keys at a flea market, and thought what the heck will I do with these? Well , we had keys strewn everywhere. Do you know how many keys are in 80 pounds?? thousands !!!!!!!!!

These bank bags were a purchase from a flea market in Texas. I love the heavy muslin they used to hold the heavy money. The graphics are great too. Talk about a conversation cushion.

This seems to have turned into our signature sign. Born out of neccessity. I was in the Dallas showroom and realized I forgot to bring any signs. Sooooooo the only thing I could think of was to use the side of our boxes, Well....It was a hit, so now it is a staple at all our shows.

The finished product............It goes to show ya, where there is a will there is a way !!!! We made it fit.....hurray!!!!! I hope you like it.

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