Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Photo Shoot

Well, Kelly and I decided to get some more of the products photographed so we could get them on the website. It is tough to sell something if noone can see it eh?.... Sooooo we did another one of our photo set up days. This is a personal favorite. A mesh crown. It is so sweet, and it fits too!
Well, er, so I'm told!
AHhhhh the smell of a boulangerie (bakery) in Paris....This basket brings fond memories.

Okay, is this not the coolest???? I love how slim it is. It is still tall and big but you could do so much with this. I am going to put a whole "graveyard scene" for Halloween, or a miniature garden scene at Easter. Oh you nameit.

The Ultimate Holder for everything, picture this on a craft table holding all your treasure.

These keep the bunnies away from your seedlings in style.....

This is the warehouse cat. Her name is "mouser" for obvious reasons. She has 6 toes on each foot, I think that gives her an extra edge against the enemy!

I love this love it! Can't you picture this on Dick Tracy's Desk???

A paperweight for a queen.

My Favorite Bracelet. There is nowhere I would rather be but Paris. I started making some Jewelry. It is a fun addition to the Peacock Park Line.

This is an antique Liquor basket. It is inspiration for a future peacock park design treasure.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Daughters Valentine.....

My 3rd Grade Girl has some great advise for all to live by !

Valentines Day is an important part of life and love. Everyone should celebrate this day because it is very important to the thing that everybody likes very much.

Everyone should love each other !

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love and Chocolate.......

Happy Valentines Day......Here's to Life , Love and of course CHOCOLATE !!
Preferably chocolate covered cherries,NO! wait, those little mint meltaways...Oh but possibly chocolate covered raisins.........hmmm. Or Brownie Batter, Yeah that's it Brownie Batter on French Vanilla Ice Cream......YUM!!!
xo Gina

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wild Winter.

What a Wild month January was. We finished out the show season and it was a whirlwind. We are exhausted, but it was terrific. Kelly helped me set up in every city. We are literally like "carnies" setting up in every town just to break down and do it again. I thought I would share a picture of our hammers. We both travel with them in our suitcases. We were in Chicago, and Kelly said, I need to make sure my hammer is in my bag, I said what does yours look like? she told me it had duct tape on it. Well............. So does mine !!! So I had to take a picture of these beauties !

The new front to the expanded Atlanta Showroom. We love our home there.

This is a bunch of pictures of the storm before the calm! Oh, it looks like we will never get it all in!

the cute garden sheds are going to be in the line soon.

what would we do without drillguns??? I would be lost !!!

organized clutter is what I like to call it. It is starting to look like something.

I've added Nautical to the line. I love these preserver pillows that are from european yachts.

Le' Moo was a huge hit, it is a glass mosaic cow head that I think would look good in any home. Customers were telling me that she is selling well.

a view from the isle.....It looks like a flea market in there...

The horse from round top. "Charlie" he sold and is going to a new home. He is the coolest horse ever.

I found more old tack shop horses, so look for his cousins to be at a show soon.

The shed all dressed up .

This is the french Opera side of the showroom. We use antiques to decorate the showroom and many of them sell, so we can change it up each show. This is a bronze tellers cage from a french theatre. I can just imagine what the theatre itself looked like if the teller window was this ornate.

A beautiful Santos from Brugges. She was sold and off to a new home.

My favorite armoire. I brought this one back from Paris years ago. Even though it is French in Design, I believe it to be made in Italy. Non the less, I love the details and ovals of prints under glass.

The Red door. It leads into our "Bistro" We are so spoiled having a kitchen,

I found this terrific "now serving" sign at the flea market. It came in handy when we were really busy, we passed out numbers, and my freind Charlie, from "Park Hill" came in one day and took a number it was 81. He would come in every day and pull the ticket out of his pocket, and say "not yet?, I will come back later" So before I left Atlanta for Dallas, I took a picture of the dial at "81" that is for Charlie.....Your numbers finally up buddy! If you havent had the pleasure of seeing Park Hill's Showrooms, they are two EXTREMELY talented guys "Todd & Charlie) , who make a lifestyle of chic country decor. It is elegantly unassuming and they have something for everyone.

Dont you love these burlap and muslin carrots with french label graphics? What country french kitchen wouldn't these look good in?

I love these Hooks, each hand has the fingers for the number.

I've had the bathing beauties but I decided to add the "bathing boys". how cute are they?

I always have to have some kind of sheep....I love sheep and in honor of my pet Molly, here are two irresistable cuties! and of course with a crown no less.

I love this sign. I found it in Marburger, and I love how the sign has the glass knobs in the letters, this was for extra reflection, it was way before lighted signs.

Hovis is a halucinagenic drug that would be added to give you an extra buzz in your tea I guess.

Garden clogs are planted with cute are they?

A carousel chariot has a new purpose as a pillow container. I could think of a ton of places to put it in a home.

Here we are in Dallas, in or temporary space. It is put up in 2 days then torn down again.....

More of the booth in Dallas.

We found so many treasures in Texas. I love this giant basket for our pillows and cushions.

These are rolling crates we built. We use them to store and ship goods in, and then use them in the booth for walls and display......You have to get creative when all you have is walls of drapes etc.

This is a typical scene at breakdown. It is hard to believe that everything is packed up and shrinked in saran wrap and sent back home. I cannot even tell you how exhausted we are by now.

Almost done.. I cannot thank all my new and old customers to allow me to do what I love. My head is swimming with new ideas for next season, and I am working on them now, in hopes that I have samples to show in the not so distant future.


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