Friday, December 25, 2009

And to All a Good Night ........

Happy Holidays, to Each and Every One of you. I Cannot begin to Thank Everyone for the Support and Enthusiasm for our Little Line Called Peacock Park Design. I am extremely Grateful for Each and Every Day That I am Allowed to do What I Love.
Thank You , Thank You, Thank You......... From the Bottom of My Heart!
I Wish You all Happy Holidays, Silent Nights, and Joeyux Noels !!!!
Bon Nuit !!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Peace On Earth

The Happiest of Holidays to you all !!!!
I have everone in the spirit. As you can see , noone gets by the ol' santa hats........I have them on EVERYTHING !
I cant get enough of them. It is amazing how a simple hat can add so much festivity.

Another thing that I Love is vintage glass ornaments. I pile them all over the place. In jars, bowls and arrangements. You can find them at flea markets for a few bucks a bag. They really look better than new, They have the old mercury backs inside which gives them a certain glow.

Okay, who doesn't remember this guy? I have loved this crazy thing since I found it at a drug store 10 years ago. He is one of my favorites.

Buffalo Snow, It's the best. Now its made with glimmer added so it looks like real snow. If you put clear lights underneath it will glow.

Of course, my favorite angel.....

Just add a sprig of greenery to any existing piece and it screams "holiday" so simply.

Oh, Shakespeare, with his boa of greens....Can't you just imagine what he would think of this !!!

A fountain of greens and lights.

A wreath on a table, Put anything inside....during a party place the puchbowl.............

His hat isnt on yet, but never fear he will get one.

Okay, I couldnt resist these beautiful jesters. They are climbing the lighting and stringing their beads.

Holiday Foyer.

This guy has been with me for over 25 christmas'. He is a little worn, but every year he gets some new position. My 8 year old did this one. Cute eh?

An Antique Santos of Christ is in the foyer dressed in Muslin and accompanied by a camel.

Santa in the kitchen. Cookies and candy are the decor of choice.

More antique ornaments piled up

This crazy nutcracker had a tray of treats. But......It is tough to keep sweets in this house. I eat the bulk of them , but my kids get their fare share.

An Antique Sign I adore. I am thinking this one might have to make it into my line, once I do Holiday that is !

The only time I ever have red at my house is at Christmas. I had to leave this licorice plant in the urn. It was mammoth. It dried perfectly so I had to just let it be, I think it will look amazing covered in snow.

Candy in the Kitchen.

I hope everyone has an amazingly wonderful Holiday, and A Happy New Year



Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Goodies !!!!

Ooooh I have not been a very good blogger these days. I have been really running around getting ready for our "market season". We LIVE for January !!!
I am leaving Wedsday at 5am with Kelly to do more demo on the new expanded showroom in Atlanta. We are so excited it is going to be a BLAST. We have Jo Packham coming to sign her books and magazine WHERE WOMEN CREATE. If you havent seen this magazine (well its more like a book), then you need to aquire and collect one. They are a quarterly publication, and each one is like a book. I am fortunate enough to be featured in the upcoming issue. We will be on the cover, and tons more inside. So look for it on Newstands and bookstores in Febuary. Or I am sure you can email me, and I can get an issue mailed to you. It is 15 dollars and worth every penny. Any Borders books, Jo anns, Micheals, or Hobby Lobby will carry it, but they sell out FAST !!
I have been photographing our new products for spring, and working on updating the website. I am not very cyber savvy but it is amazing how much better you get at something if you practice.
Anyway, here are some of our new treasure, and I promise to take tons of pics this week, and post the progress on the new showroom.
xox Gina

I Love these

Anything French and I want it !!

Can you imagine these in a Nautical room??? or a beach house???

Old Wallpaper Prints make great graphics on just about anything...these are coasters.

You can't have too many hooks. I am thrilled with the finish on this one...NO it isnt an antique, amazing isnt it.

More stuff with bathing beauties on it... Luv em'

french enamel plaque buckets.....

More French Garden tools

the best dog leash holder

Who doesnt have a spot in their house or potting shed for this sign??

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