Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grocery store Love.....

Today as I was racing through the grocery store, right by the check out is a refriderator with beautiful flowers.  There was a bunch of roses in the most wonderful muted, faded, pastel color,
 I had to swipe em up.
I have a cupboard that holds all kinds of vases and I particularly love these little glass vases that are held in fine ormolu trimmed brackets.  You can find them actually quite often if you hunt through shelves of antique malls. They are not costly , but have such a romantic French appeal to them.  One was purchased in France and the other two were locally discovered.
The old design advise that everything looks better in odd numbers is true. I also think that 3 smaller arrangements arranged together are more of an impact than all of the blooms in one bouquet.
Oh yeah !!!   4.49 such a deal. How can they grow them for that???
All the finest tools for me. oh yeah...child proof scissors stolen from my daughters backpack. 
Yarrow is running rampant in the ditches and fields here in michigan right now. grabbed a handful of it from the back field. It is so pretty, and the best part is FREE.
3 pretty arrangements
Have a happy Week.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

We made it....

I am sooooooooooo excited  we made it through another summer show season..........
this is a very rare occurance  to have pussy willows in bloom in august. 
Today I just took time to smell the roses

This is an earlier shot of the gate, it is so covered now, that when you drive throught it is just like a car wash with all the streamers of ivy hanging down.  I will cut it all off after it turns bright red, and all that is left is the woody vine.  It coveres the entire gate every single summer.

I love this gnome. He was a dump find literally by my dear friend Teresa's husband in Iowa. Who would throw him in the dump?  I am so glad he was rescued.

The water is getting low under the bridges here in peacock park

I have ALOT of weeding to do.  This is way down by the pond, outa sight outa mind I say......I will get to it sooner or later.

I just cant stand red flowers, I had to cut these out. They just drive me nuts.

a mossy maiden in the garden

This was before I left out. I cant believe how much everything grew.  Thank goodness my family was all on water detail. It has been very hot and dry.

My favorite sculpture in the garden. The crowned toad. His crown is removable, but of course he is never without it.

Thank you again each and everyone of you who either buys Peacock Park Design products from me wholesale or if you buy it from your favorite store. I cannot begin to tell you how  much we appreciate your business.
              I will now be chained to my computer getting out all the new designs so they are ready for the Jan shows that will be here before we know it.  I just cant stand the thought of my kids going back to school, or of the weather turning cold, or SNOW........oh, I dread it beyond words.
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