Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bon Jour !!

Oh how Divine ...My Name in Paris amongst the flowers....

Well okay it really is the hotel "Regina, and I just cropped out the "re".

My first night in Paris, and the sunset was perfect.

I actually got to go with Mr. Wonderful. This was a rare event lately, as we both have been traveling to the far corners at different times. So the trip together was soooo fantastic.

Jean of Arc
...She was the Ultimate example of Bravery. Talk about Nerves of steel.

This is the perfect Paris Apartment .

I could even handle the red flowers.

Okay this Fountain is actually one of a pair. They stand in the square where Louis and Marie, were beheaded.

It was a very warm day, and it took great restrain not to take off my shoes, and jump in and just stand under that spray. But.... remember I told you I was with Mr. Wonderful...or should I say Mr. reserved, Mr. Dont draw any uneccessary attention .....He is very Classy, and I am not.....You only live once, right ??

Something about simple signage painted directly on the plaster.

The stores in Paris just have so much charm.

This is the staircase in the Swarovski (did I spell that right?) store....yep, you guessed it, there is a million crystals pressed inbetween glass panels...You need sunglasses to go up these babies !

Doesn't this look like a prop? It is actually the chef from the hotel Maurice' bike. He takes it to get fresh ingredients if they should run out. It is parked there everyday !

Thee shoppping street. road in French.

This is well worth the climb. At the top of the highest point in Paris this incredible cathedral was built.

Okay, I confess.....I took the trolley up the hill.

This is the view from the top of the stairs... I told you it was worth it !

At the base of the stairs is always a french merry go round, or is it a carousel.??? I know the difference , one goes up and down, I just can't remember which is which?

These little chic places to rest are EVERYWHERE around the city.... Grab a croissant and a coke, and I am good to go for another 10 miles !!!

Look at the difference from our carousels to theirs......NO garish colors here !!! The subtle pallet that I adore.
and of course the piece de' resistance !!!! a double decker !! Yep a curved staircase to ride up high. If this would fit in my carry-on I would be lugging this puppy home to put in my yard.
I know it is a little Micheal Jackson-ish but hey why not right ?

The Architecture is STUNNING !!!

oKAY NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF.....The FAMOUS Paris Flea Markets. Believe me , I dragged Mr. Wonderful to alot of them. I must say, he is the best partner, he loves it just as much as I do, and he has a great eye.

I always talk about how the French enjoy Life. This is a typical lunch in the alleys of the flea market. They wouldnt DREAM of using paper plates or napkins. They celebrate life everyday. So bust out your best china, light a candle , and start enjoying that stuff you save for "someday".

Baskets of treasure !

If this black suitcase wasn't 250 Euros It would be in the showroom. OUCH my dollar was 30 percent Less on the Euro. The prices are much better in the outskirsts of Paris.

The real deal. This is an authentic bottle drying rack. I make a pretty great reproduction that is a fraction of the price.

Dont you love this ivy covered stall? It is like a grotto.

Obviously this tub is not for the thick figured.

Again, too heavy...drats !! I wasn't shipping home this time, so it was only Cash and Carry for Gina !

Heavy enamel street numbers at 10 Euros each...they were quite large too !

Did you ever wonder how the heck they get the bushes so perfect !!! Ah Hah !!! They have a template. Okay,
we can do this. Edward Scissorhands watch out !

The river seine runs right thru the heart of Paris and Notre dame is actually on an island. If you walk behind the cathedral it goes to a point and the river splits right there. .

There is also a spot in front of Notre Dame, and that is point zero, it is from that point that all distances are measured from Paris.

These are called barges, and they are residences for many Parisians.

Now up above the river along the banks, are teh booksellers. They have been here for hundreds of years. amazing isnt it. As long as America has been around there has been some guy selling old manuscripts, and books on the banks of the river seine.

Now the Flowers....These Pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Is it just me, or do these roses even look more magical than normal? Marie Antoinette would certainly snap these up !

The Gardeners don't let anything go to waste. This is so easy to do, just use your trimmings as a great looking border. Pound in sticks at same distance intervals, and weave sticks back and forth, make sure you change the direction to get the "weave" over last time then under this time.

Okay , isnt this AMAZING !!! I am so stealing this idea. How simple yet stunning. It is rope or cable draped in a pattern and Ivy planted at the base of each bend. Just sit back and watch Mother Nature do her thing, of course a bit of Father time has to get in there too.... I am so impatient.

My favorite color combination. NO red. The giant blue green raggedy things are huge globe thistle. I think I have alot of those in my yard. Well maybe more of the genius of "Weedus Uncontrolabus"

Did I ever mention that the food was positively, absolutely out of this world.

The Pastries are as beautiful as they are tasty !

Oh, the bread...did I mention the bread????

Warm Goat Cheese salad with shaved fennel. Yum !!
Goat cheese is one of the things I think you either love it or hate inbetween here.

Another Goat Cheese Salad. The lettuce is grown behind the Bistro.

This is the view from our table. Aaaahhh need I say more?

Onion Gratinee. or as we call it, "French Onion Soup"
If you want to sound like a total tourist, just ask for french onion soup while your in France....while your at it, ask for French Fries too !! They are called Frites...pronounced freets .

Even Mcdonalds is Chic. Have you ever seen real dishes used at a Mcdonalds near you?

Look at all the fantastic Salami...

Ornate Iron work is everywhere.

And of course Balconies...Balconies.....

I could move right in !

The famous Paris Street lights.
My freind actually has 8 of these for sale. The are the real deal and purchased when they redid a section near the louvre years ago. I dont think you can get them out anymore. Anyway, they are complete and beautiful if anyone wants them. I think he would give a heck of a deal if you buy all 8.

Not a shabby chateau eh?

The Famous Ach de Triumphe. The huge structure that Napleon built for himself in honor of himself.
Now you know see why we get the phrase " Napleon syndrome" The guy was crazy about himself, and had to show the world how fabulous he was.

Now for the Grand Dame of Paris. and, please pronounce this one as " Grahnd Dahm".
Who doesnt love the Eiffel Tower. The ONLY good thing to come out of war, was that the tower was scheduled for demolition, and the war broke out, and the only place they could get good radio transmition was from atop the tower...The rest is history. I dont think people realize how BIG this is. I have this pic. so you can see the scale in comparision to people. You really MUST see this sometime in your lifetime. I never get tired of it.

The tower stands over 12oo Ft.

Can you imagine the people who climbed to the top at turn of the century??? It's one thing to climb it in shorts and a tank top, but how about a corset and petticoats??? Oh, and of course it was in the heat of summer to boot.
Whew.....I am so glad Ms. Bloomer came along. She even did some jail time for "exposing" herself that way..but I am glad she paved the way for pants !

This looks like my towns skyline, how about yours? NOT!

Well , I could post for another hour, and add a hundred more pictures, I just want to show you my mini tour of the city I love. I have been there so many times, and I never , ever get tired of seeing it.
My favorite thing to do is take groups (which I do on occassion) that have never been , and watch the expressions as they experience it for the first time. It is truly life certainly changed mine...
I hope you love it too !!


trash talk said...

Again...gobsmacked! You showed sights I've never seen on anyone else's posts. That is a stairway to heaven.
Oh the food! You call it salami...I call it hangdown. C'est la vie!
P.S. She sure did have nerves of steel...and a bra to match!

Unknown said...

Just positively entertaining! Thanks for bringing us along on your tour...I've never been to Paris...but it's a dream of mine..:-)

Georgia Gibbons said...

Thanks Gina!

Bohemian said...

Thanks so much for taking us all on a fab tour of your trip to Paris... lucky Girl you!!! *me, more than slightly jealous, wink* Of all the Countries my Parents traveled to in the many years my Dad was in the Military, France was their fav because of the zest for truly LIVING! *there used to be US Military Bases there in the 1950's* When I was a child I even spoke fluent French... but now it must be locked in the dark recesses of my mind. *le sigh*

It looks like you had such a wonderful time, I'm so happy for you...and hope you brought back many Treasures... I would have been tempted to be overloaded with Treasures... I was lusting over that roll of French vintage fabric in one of the pictures next to the box of Treasures!!! *swooning*

The one item I'd adore bringing back from a trip to France would ultimately be an authentic Gypsy Roulotte!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian

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