Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hear ye...... Hear Ye...................

Have you ever been to a "Renaissance Festival"/????
Well I have, I went yesterday, and took my daughter and two other maidens to the fair. Let me tell you, this is SERIOUS business for these folks.
It happens once a year for two months of weekends in the fall here in Michigan. A wooded forest that has been transformed into Hamlet and Lords, Ladies, Jesters and Fools run amuck throught this mystical village.
Apparently people come from all over and drive hundreds of miles to attend, I happen to live literally 20 minutes from the place.

Remember how fun a simple cut out can be???? This is my maiden transformed into a mighty Knight.
Below here is a King....even the faire is authentic. People run around munching on smoked turkey legs. This King believe it or not, is NOT part of the "employees". This is an example of how some people really get into this. I guess they travel from festival to festival, they are like a show circut, and a little community. They rent storefronts, and sell their wares to make their livings...eveything from wands of fairy dust, floral hair wreaths, costumes, herbs, and oils, and of course the town cryer in his ever so thick accent will announce the goings on in the village...

There are jousting competitions, and knight battles....The kids eat this stuff up. But I am amazed at the amount of adults that I mean REALLY get into this. Husbands, Wives, Kids, the whole family must plan for months on the wardrobe.

Just look at the details of the costumes.

I noticed on the belt of costumed characters was a leather strap that would wrap around the stem, or handle of their glass , tankard or cup. So they would never miss an opportunity for a free wee bit of Lager or Ale.

I believe the black cloth pinned on her shoulder means "widow???" I am not sure.

Get a load of the can certainly appreciate it, but I have to tell you......There just isnt enough Gold Silver or Boullion on the planet to get my Mr. Wonderful to don a pair of these tights, or ahem......Leggins, with a pair of slashed pantaloons.... OH MY just would NOT HAPPEN. And I have to say, with his legs he would certainly look wicked, and have all the wenches after him.....but NO WAY.....
It is funny, when he is crabby .....I will always say to him........Yes, your hiney....ehem, I mean your Highness......... ( He doesnt think it is funny at all, but I always crack myself right up. )

We are talking serious brocades here !!

Look at the amount of hand work and detail. wow !

I think she was a queen....

The stores and buildings are all made by these creative people to have a whimsical medieval charm.

Check out that strap holding the cup on her backside....I would forget and sit on it I am sure, one hundred times. I would have to cheat and have plastic...hahaha.

Well we all know I LOVE this hat....
How can you not love it with the wonderful Peacock Feathers.
This is also my favorite color pallet. Dingy corals, golds, turquoise and greens. It has such a faded elegance about it.
I love peacock feathers.
Some people dont realize, But the male peacocks shed their tails every the feathers you get are really just their castoffs. The are not pulled or harmed in ANY way. The next year their tail is bigger and so on and so on.
I have had peacocks at Peacock Park for many years, and it still amazes me to this day, how many feathers come from just one bird. It is incredible. They certainly earn their keep giving us the gifts of their feathers every fall.

My lovely maidens on their way home to the chariot that awaits to take them back to their very own be young eh??


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Bohemian said...

Oh what fun this looks like, I know they have one here also every year so I really should consider taking the Family. The costumes are AMAZING, you know most must be custom or hand-made by the folks themselves. I do understand there is a whole subculture with these Festivals and if that lifestyle suits them and makes them happy while making them a living, I say, go for it. I'm a Bohemian free Spirit myself and the Gypsy wanderlust is in my blood and all those of my relatives. Thanks for sharing such amazing photos of your Festival visit... its got me itching to attend one now and experience it firsthand!

Dawn... The Bohemian

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