Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where I Create

Well, I just got home from being gone since January 3rd. I am just home for 4 days, then I leave for New York. It is the last stop on the PPD Tour. It has been an amazing month of shows. I cannot even begin to describe the excitement from store owners and buyers about 2010. Everyone seems to be so positive and anxious for the new year to begin. We were so busy in Dallas, and I apologize to everyone who we just couldn't get to and write an order. Kelly and I were the only ones at the show, not knowing what to expect we were tremendously understaffed. But thanks for understanding. We met so many new customers and got to see alot of familiar faces too. It was a blast !!
When I got home I had a mountain of mail waiting for me. I worked my way through the pile, and at the bottom of the heap was my issue of "Where Women Create". I am thrilled to have met Jo Packham who came and stayed with me this summer. It was a fun couple of days, and it we are forever friends now. Dana the photographer is also featured in the magazine, and she is a terrific talented gal.

Here is the article, but go out and get a copy at any bookstore or craftstore, hobby lobby etc. or you can order a signed copy from us at Peacock Park Design. Just leave a comment here and we will contact you as to the shipping details.

My Daughter and her beloved ponies......She was a little dissappointed her picture as she puts it is " sooooooo small".

I love all the creative clutter, it keeps the mind going I think.

The Dog house I built with all left over bits and pieces of stone left over from the renovation project I had finished. Sweetie Pie loved that house. I miss him so much.

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