Friday, December 24, 2010

And to all a Good Night !

It is Christmas Eve. and my daughter and niece spent the afternoon wrapping over 100 presents to deliver to the nursing home in our area.
The girls donned their Gay apparel (Santa hats) and loaded their sleigh ( my trunk ) and off we went. My son was the pack mule who carried the loot that the girls so carefully marked either man or woman. The women got an assortment of tapestry wall hangings, pillows and Christmas Crochet doilies. The men on the other hand got a pair of warm thick winter socks.
This is my daughter spreading her cheer to a lovely resident.

The people were thrilled to just have a visitor. But they did love to open those gifts.

This adorable lady was so tickled with her wall hanging, we went down to the lunchroom, and she had it on the table with her, she said she wanted to look at it more. How cute is she????

Her proud new possession.

This is a tapestry cushion but this woman wanted to put it on the wall to see it better.

Sometimes it is so easy to make someones day............ Although Little do they know, they truly made our day more than we made theirs.
Happy Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ephemera Decor

I have gotten so many emails looking for these products to come out. So I am going to give away boxes of them when they arrive. If you follow the blog, and if you haven't already, then add this blog to your sidebar favorites on your blog, if you dont have one, then leave a comment. You will be in the drawing. I will give away to a dozen wonderful people. Good Luck.

What is Ephemera??? It actually is derived from the latin language, and means not to be kept a day. So the written notes, ledgers, ads etc.....all those wonderful pieces of paper that were never intended to be saved, or used again, are now being repurposed for a myriad of things.

I happen to be a HUGE fan of this medium. I use old documents and ledger papers, reciepts, advertisements, and labels. I am soooooooooo excited about the new items that I just designed for Peacock Park Design. I used old letters, and reciepts, billheads and ledgers, to be put on tissue paper garlands, flowers, and lanterns. They turned out amazing.

I trimmed this little tree in my studio workspace with old embellishments that I found at the Paris Flea Market. I also found a box of old letters at a house sale, and put them all over the tree, and in a wreath wrapped around my cherub statue.
You really can decorate with anything. It doesnt need to be high priced ornaments. I think it can be charming with a little imagination.

I also pick up these antique ornaments when ever I see them. I dont know but something about the old ornaments, with their speckles, and spots that give them that extra oompf. I use ornaments to fill up bowls everywhere.

Happy Holidays to Everyone !!
Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook ( Peacock Park Design) we have so many give-a-ways.
I have gotten so many emails regarding the availability of the new paper items. They should be available by early February. You can email or comment to find how to purchase, or find a store near you !! I am just so happy you like it too !!!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Frozen Flowers

Well it is official. Winter is here. The clocks fell back, the dark early nights, the freezing temps. and the COLD !! I really completely utterly cant stand the cold. It was just last week I took these pictures. Now there is a thin layer of snow which for some reason, even though the temperature is the same, it just seems colder for some reason.
This plant seems to be hanging onto summer the best it can, in a full out display of huge bell shaped flowers, it looks terrific, and makes it seem not so dismal.

Then there is the Kale. I love kale, it grows in such an amazing array of colors, and textures. I love the purple, pink, green tints, and the complex leaves are almost artwork if you look close.
These beautiful cabbages, have been in my planters since that last remenants of summer. They have frozen and thawed at least a dozen times, and they still seem so fresh.

I much prefer these Kale over the traditional flower of choice this time of year which is the Mum.
I just think this has much more punch don't you.?

Okay, well enough of this, I am on my way outside looking like Nanook Of the North. With my huge boots, hat , gloves, coat and all the regalia to tackle rearranging all the urns and pots with greens and bows and giant ornaments for the holidays.....It is already too close to christmas, where did the time go to anyway.?????
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