Friday, December 24, 2010

And to all a Good Night !

It is Christmas Eve. and my daughter and niece spent the afternoon wrapping over 100 presents to deliver to the nursing home in our area.
The girls donned their Gay apparel (Santa hats) and loaded their sleigh ( my trunk ) and off we went. My son was the pack mule who carried the loot that the girls so carefully marked either man or woman. The women got an assortment of tapestry wall hangings, pillows and Christmas Crochet doilies. The men on the other hand got a pair of warm thick winter socks.
This is my daughter spreading her cheer to a lovely resident.

The people were thrilled to just have a visitor. But they did love to open those gifts.

This adorable lady was so tickled with her wall hanging, we went down to the lunchroom, and she had it on the table with her, she said she wanted to look at it more. How cute is she????

Her proud new possession.

This is a tapestry cushion but this woman wanted to put it on the wall to see it better.

Sometimes it is so easy to make someones day............ Although Little do they know, they truly made our day more than we made theirs.
Happy Happy Holidays.


trash talk said...

Darlin' you just made mine! This is what Christmas of oneself to others. Your daughter and niece are beautiful inside and out.
Merry Christmas from the Casita de Trash!

time worn interiors said...

Oh Gina, what a lovely gesture! And making your children apart of spreading the joy! You are a remarkable person, may God bless you in many, many ways! We often forget our seniors, the back bone of this nation! This gives me inspiration to do something similar next year! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to do! People tend to forget the elderly. I'm glad you all made a difference and brought a smile to the faces of these wise folks! For if it were not for them, most of us wouldn't be here!

Bohemian said...

What a beautiful way to spend the Holidays and brighten the day for those who truly appreciate the Gift of Hospitality... it looked like everyone had a joyous time! I know that my Children and Grandchildren always enjoy similar activities of Service to others too and I'm thankful they wanted to participate with me over the years.

May 2011 be all that you Hope and envision it to be!

Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

Divine Theatre said...

What a wonderful lesson for your children! My daughter and I made up sandwiches and other finger foods, put them in papersacks and included those "one size fits all" stretchy gloves and handed them out in the city. We met some of the nicest people. I wish we could do more!
I am now your biggest fan!
God bless you and your family...(He already has :)

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