Friday, December 7, 2012


Oh my goodness. Where oh where have I been?? I am a BAD BLOGGER.
I should be kicked off. I can tell you this. I do fully intend on making my social networking skills as my top new years resolution.
I am going to make this up to you by showing some amazing eye candy from the fields of Texas. Yes I saw so many amazing treasures and booths that gave me sheer joy and inspiration.
So I am going to cut the cluckin and give you some inspiring stuff to look at.
Enjoy. And hopefully this will have been worth the wait.
As you can see I just love this sweet girl.....yes, it is robin from Magnolia Pearl.
She is as sweet as she is talented.
the barn at the rachels addition for functions.....ooh love
This ray of sunshine waving is Marie from Tobacco Road primitives.....I just love her
Oh, yes, the blogger queen Teresa Cano.....she was new to set up in Marburger.......She had her own little buidling on the grounds.....even had air.  It was her usual "fabulousness"
Oh, and look who else I ran in too.......Jo Packham and the uber talented Sandra Evertson.
She is featured in jo;s magazine this month "where women create". 
Sweet pea's booth was again ah-maize-ing
Judy hill.....the master of display.
I shot this pic at Rachels the light,
A trio of talent......oh, yes, your not seeing is the one the only.....Khaaaaat Daaaaady, and his two kittens  Their booth looked uber cool..
rachel had a where women create was so beautiful on the ranch....quite, serene, aaaah 
I love robins new vibe.....European love love.....they are so happy, and deserve EVERY stitch of sucess they have gotten. The radiate happiness.
Okay, miss Teresa.....dont shoot me, but your eyes were closed in both, and I cant put out a post without the two "t's"  
Teresa's booth "time worn interiors" is always a huge draw, and sold down to the walls.....she and her husband are also such sweet people......I am always so happy to see what they create.  I will have more on the booths of all these Marburger dealers on the blog
in the next week or so...I promise.
One big happy hen party....
Oh, look...two of my favorites....marie and judi 
Mr Sweet pea.....They are the cutest couple ever !
Mrs. Sweet pea....and her new Magnolia Pearl attire......
All these pictures were put up unfortunately on a mobile post.....I didnt know they load in whatever random order it feels like !!!  Dang it, I dont want to redo the whole darn it is a jostled mess of no rhyme or reason, but the beauty remains the same.....It is about as scrambled as my life is right now, so actually it is completely appropo.......
xo  GINA
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