Monday, August 29, 2011

Small World isn't it ............................

This little mat was the reason for a recent email inquiring as to where they could puchase a bamboo mat that they had seen at a freinds house while visiting them in Maine. The Lady said she couldn't believe that here was a mat with the logo from the hotel that she and her husband had gotten married at in Paris years ago. She tracked us down, because she couldnt find another mat and apparently the store was nice enough to give her our information so she could hopefully find one in her area.

Well..............when I read that I was sooooooo thrilled to be able to send her one on the house.

Are you kidding , how often does one get a chance to do this? Not too many people are married that long anymore. While I didnt expect to get anything in return, I was really thrilled to get not one, but three photos of the original wedding portraits taken at the Hotel in Paris. I had to share with you her sweet note, and the photos as well..................

Enjoy, I know I did !!!

AAaaaaaaahhhhhh so so romantic isn't it?? Paris....what a way to celebrate your marriage.

Now they step across that threshold every nite, and hopefully it will remind them of the day they wed.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Romantic Home.......................

I am honored to also be featured in the September issue of "Romantic Homes" magazine. The issue is on newstands now. I hope you get a chance to get a copy.
The article is about my personal home, some decorating ideas that I incorporated into my home, and of course {Peacock Park Design} the home decor and gift line that I have the pleasure of creating.
This first shot is a misty summer morning at around 6 am. It is sooooo still out then, and smells like heaven.

The dining room is where the kids roller blade in a circle around the dining table, and back to the foyer, and around again....a regular racetrack......Believe it or not, nothing has ever been broken. I believe a house should be lived in, so even though it has some pretty formal rooms, it has seen ALOT of activity over the years....I have been in this home for 15 years now.

This room is a back bedroom that my husband calls the "packrat" room. it is because he says it looks like a french pack rat lives there, with all the treasure stashed in the closets and is the stuff that "one day I will fix, create, duplicate or just save", and there is alot of it........shhhhh.....dont tell the history channel because "hoarders" producers will be knocking looking for a segment or two or three. Okay, so I need to purge. I will post an online estate sale one day, at least then I know people who appreciate it will get it. right?

This is the Kitchen, I did a ton of changes to this room, in the article it explains the fridge doors. My infamous opera girls....I just cant get enough of them. They are darn near life size here, and all decked out with three dimensional accessories. The sky I painted to look like a sunset and if you look close you can see the night stars lit in the sky...this was done with some tiny lights and fiber optics that I got for a steal, and thought I would give it a try...thank goodness it worked, because everyone thought I lost my mind on this one.

This is a portion of Mr. Wonderful's domain. He has his masculine den. This is where he will retreat to when he ..well you know how it goes......everyone gathers in the kitchen..

The library is loaded with old books, ledgers and novels...mixed with artwork and objet de' art. I like to mix it up. I also like pictures to hang on the "outside" of a bookcase so it gives it more dimension. It doesnt have to be a fabulous work of art, it could be a photo, or childrens drawing, or a great old advertisement...just frame it, and it instantly looks more important and meant to be there.

This is the parlour....well it used to be the dining room, but I switched it all around so the fireplace was in the dining room. I figured it was a better decision than to try to put a fireplace into the parlour right? This room goes off onto a terrific curved balcony with iron rail and flower boxes that wrap the perimeter. Aaahhhh. all the more to water. I think I might put in catcus and succulents next year, because my chores are getting too lengthy every day. It over looks the pool, which I might add now has over 50 koi fish in it. I decided I didnt have time to swim in it, or take care of it, so I turned it into a huge 15 ft. deep fish pond. The fish love it and it is amazing how huge they get when they have that much room to grow.

Well I hope you enjoyed my tour de jour....and if you are interested in seeing more you can find it on the newsstands.........

Thank you again Romantic Homes, I truly appreciate your feature.


Friday, August 12, 2011


Well the September issue of VICTORIA is just hitting the news stands. This issue is my favorite. These images are the extra shots featured on the Victoria website. The magazine has a whole different series of photos. This shot is with Dinky. He is my miniature donkey. He is decked out in his antique mail bag, holding maps for the big adventure.

These baskets are such a great seller. I just love the paper labels against the willow.

There is nothing more romantic than an outdoor bath, and by candlelight no less.....Aaahhhhhh
calgon take me away.....
(Notice the hot water tank on this turn of the century is fueled by an oil light to heat the water then dispersed through a spigot) Love it !!!!

This is the porch of the tent. I love the scalloped canvas that surrounds this tent. I made these tents as a limited edition for the line. I just think they turned out fantastic. I hope others like it too.

I love anything with a crown, even a lantern.....

Oh, more crowns.........

The sound of a wind up turntable, with an old vinyl record, is truly terrific in the wilderness. So Indiana Jonesey dont cha think???? Oh, and that sweet little canvas parasol for two......Well that is an antique tractor umbrella that was used to keep the sun off the farmer as he plowed the fields.....Yes, I am going to reproduce this wonderful treasure in a reclaimed canvas with a terrific french graphic. I just love the is perfect for a table for two, or for a picnic in the wild.


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