Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is here FINALLY !!!!!!!

Spring , Spring, Spring.....yeah! I just can't believe it is finally here...... The colors of Easter. Pale Easter Eggs, apple blossoms, and the unmistakable smell in the air of the blooms that open around you. My Favorite is Lilacs , although they are still months away, I can see the end of the tunnel. Once we "spring forward" and the clocks move up I am in heaven. The sunsets don't start now until 7:30-8pm. Here in Michigan we have one benefit of late light. In the summer our longest day doesn't end until almost 10 at night....

The beauty in this collage is beyond words......To me this sums up all the inspirational colors of spring.

Well as the first day of spring arrives, I could not be happier. It does however make me realize the enormous amount of cleanup and mess that was cleverly hidden underneath the thick blanket of snow we in Michigan put up with for months!

This sunset was last night, amazing and beautiful. As you can see Molly is having a bad hair day everyday......She will still not get sheared until late May. I don't like to think that she will be chilly at night without this thick winter coat.

Happy Happy Spring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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