Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doin up Dallas .......

Well Kelly and I arrived in Dallas to an empty showroom. We knew we had 5 days to pull together a showroom for market. So we did have alot of "proppage" this is what we call "props".
We go "Proppin", instead of "shoppin" when we get into town. Just look at this big open space....YIKES!!!!

after a little architectural interest is addded it started looking like "home" to us. It was getting that wonderful flea market feeling we feel so comfortable in.

If you have never been to Texas in the summer then let me just tell you its H*O*T.... This is an example of an apple that I brought with me to work. I left one in the car, and the other one was in a bag we brought to work........Can you tell it is LITERALLY a baked apple. I mean it was cooked. It was actually hot to the touch when I picked it up and as mushy as it could be........I couldnt believe YES it is hot in texas in the summer. Pack a lunch and leave it in your car to cook, then by lunch it will be ready....who needs a microwave anyway?

This is an architectural piece that we thought would add some interest to the drab entrance into the office, and soon to be kitchen.

Okay, I always say you can make it happen. Well with that in mind I could NOT leave these treasures behind at a hidden flea market that we just so luckily stumbled upon. I know, I know....dont you just hear the "Sanford and Son" theme song playing in the background.

Okay , Then there is that little issue that I want to have live plants in the showroom for market week. These weeping trees were just the ticket. You know that song......The ant that cant etc...etc....well...l.l.l.l.l.l I just HAD to get such a closeout price of 17 bucks a piece, I was NOT leaving without them...I figured we were only 6 miles from the mart building and I will just drive with my flashers on.....I wished we had two cars so Kelly could drive in front of me with the yellow flashers and a sign that said "Wide Load". Anyway with my right tires scraping the curb and the left side hanging clear into the other lane, we did make it back to market....although Kelly had her sunglasses on hoping noone would recognize her.

It is starting to look alot like home. We found that great old screen door for our storage room, and the row of childs desks is soooooo cute, and hard to get into I might say, but it is so worth the know what I say, Form BEFORE function.

I had to bring the carriage to Texas for Petes sake.......and the horse is an antique saddlery display horse with cast iron legs, and let me tell you , he weighs a TON.

The Peacock Antique sign is is the sign from my antique store in Michigan. Kelly dug it out of the dirt behind the building, and said "Look what I found !" I LOVE IT>

Look at how good the new wall is in the office....luv luv luv it.

Here is the metal facade that I found in Round Top last has its new home. We created a little garden area around it.

Well, Kelly and I were working away, and actually saying how hungry we were when we got a phone call. It was our dear dear dear freinds Todd and Charlie. They are the owners and creators of a wildly successful home decor business called "Park Hill Collection". I am sure you have seen their products somewhere around your town. They are a wonderful.

Well, anyway, they say........come down in 5 minutes. (there showroom is 2 floors below us).

When Kelly and I got off the escalator we smelled garlic, and said to each other, you have to be kidding, it smells fabulous. After days of eating fast food, cookies, or anything that takes the pain out of your stomach , to be spoiled with a wonderful "sit down " meal was pure luxury.......

Now let me tell you....these two never, I repeat Never miss a detail....just look at this sit down dinner complete with candlelight.....I am so blessed to call them my friends.

Oh, yes, water in mason jars, and of course a raspberry.....

Doesnt this look great !! all artwork, dishes and furnishings are all part of their line.

Okay back to reality, we have alot of work to do.....

It looks like an old garage door, but it is just panels of metal that I brought with me from home, and ran them horizontally instead of the usual vertical.

This is the makings of the garden area.

This is an incredible store front from a perfumerie in Paris. I had intentions to put it as a room divider inside my home, but I never have, so I thought it would make a great entrance into the showroom. There was quite a bit of interest in it, so I am not sure how long it will stay there, as we sell most the antiques that we put in our showrooms, and the stores come early to tag the ones for them.

Something about top hats and old bodyforms that I love.

There is Brian in the background....Mr. Talent. He helped me build in all the big stuff. If you ever need someone to hire for build out, hes your go to guy. It is so nice to explain what you want to do, and have them understand what you want, and not think your nuts because its just alot of old junk.

This is one of my newest items in the line....It is suede printed in french labels. There is a throw or wall hanging and pillows to go with......Oh, I love the smell of suede.

One of my personal favorites is my "paper paradise" it is alot of items recreated using antique scraps reciepts, and emphera. Lanterns wreaths, roses ribbons and more......I love the color palette.

This is an amazing pony is an antique that I dragged up from a Michigan Antique Show.

I am posting this from my hotel room in Atlanta, we are just finishing up the Atlanta show and it has been a grueling but fun market here as well. I hope you enjoyed the tour of Dallas, and I will promise you that I will get the Atlanta showroom tour posted as soon as I can catch my breath....

As usual I appreciate all your questions and comments. Thanks for reading my ramble......




Michelle said...

Great post Gina!
Love all the images! Love your story about Charlie and Todd. When my husband and I were in Dallas in Jan. We sat on a bistro set in front of their new showroom to let the "dogs" rest for a minute. I said to the hubby, "all we need now is a cold drink!" We look up and there is Charlie standing there with 2 beers!! Perfect moment, such great people! I'm only sorry I missed seeing your new showroom, I am only able to do West coast shows this time. Will still be ordering from Peacock, just on line, not as fun as being there!
Michelle~ Magpie

good goods & co said...

This transformation is amazing, just amazing. Are you insane??? You have to be to come up with this stuff. No one in their right mind could have this kind of imagination!!

Very well done!

time worn interiors said...

Oh Gina! I am blown away! I sure wish you had a catalog, I'm getting ready to open a shop and would love to carry you things in my shop! I don't like most new things, but your look old and so cool! I'm always at shows for myself whey you are at the mart! Do you do any little shows? Heard about the warehouse sale you had, would have loved to attend that! I know you are a busy woman, but if you have any ideas how we could hook up I'm all ears!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Wow Gina, that was a fabulous post!!! Just awesome.

Bohemian said...

OMG Gina... your transformation of this space is BEYOND amazing! The Albino Peacock immediately caught my attention... and then it just got better and better! Had to laugh at the baked apple... living in Phoenix for decades I can fully appreciate microwave-car-cooking heat! *winks* Do you know that unopened cans of Soda left in a car in the Desert Sun become Soda Grenades?! We found out the hard way several years ago when one of the G-Kids left one in the back seat cup holder... kaboom Coca-Cola grenade!

Sure wish I could attend such a show as the one you're hosting... it is the stuff dreams are made of and all your hard work is evident... the vignettes are simply enchanting!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Anonymous said...

Love that metal awning!

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Hello Gina
Your Transformation of a Very Empty Space is absolutely Stunning! I am sure it is incredibly Daunting to arrive to a vast Empty Canvas like you did and go Forth and Create! You and your Partner did a Brilliant Job! Thank you for Sharing your Amazing Market Display! I am Certain you will Draw in Quite a Crowd of very Excited Buyers!The Very Best of Luck to You !
Kind Regards;
Jill McCall

The Nest said...

You were right, the Dallas showroom turned out to be one of the best so far! AMAZING! I am so there next summer! And, here it both totally suck!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luv ya! Miss you guys!

eden said...

your showrooms are always awesome and i love to look at all your pics, looks like a lot a hard work but well worth it! didn't you go to round top(warrenton) last year? it seems like i remember you posting pics, i love that show more than any others i've been much creativity in one it!

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