Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is there an ATM anywhere ???????

I am entering this post from my hotel in New Delhi India. By the miracle of technology I can take photos, and share them from half way around the world within minutes. It is amazing to me. Last night I went to where the locals go. I was definately sticking out like a sore thumb here, but this is where I ALWAYS like to go when I visit any new town ......I want to see the culture. And Yes....even in a culture that looks like there is absolutely NO american influence, there stands a McDonalds. The only difference is that their hamburgers are not beef. Beef is sacred here. So they are either veggie, or chicken.

I adored this bull. He was so gentle and sweet, I looked everywhere for some grass to feed him, but I had no luck, so just a scratch behind the ears was all he got from me.

If only I could have brought this sweet angel home. She followed me everywhere......her hair bleached from the sun, and feet filthy, she was still adorable and sweet. I bought all her beads, and then created a mob scene. They must have said, hey this crazy light haired woman loves beads.....soooooooo they came in droves.

I went into McDonalds, bought hamburgers Or...whateverburgers......as many as I could carry, loaded a bag and passed them out on the street. I dont know how they can eat them they are sooooo spicy. I couldnt even hardly swallow one piece and these little babies would eat it. I taught them the peace sign, and visited for a while, then had to move on. If I could have found an ATM I think I would come home BROKE. Next time I am coming loaded with treasure....toys, clothes, etc.

Look at this sweet angels face.....Oh, my goodness. I fell head over heals in love with the people. They are so grateful with whatever they have, it makes me feel so guilty that I complain of the "uncomfortable" ride in the long plane ride. These sweet people can only imagine what it is like to go into that giant metal bird in the sky.

This is street sweets.....It is kind of like our "elephant ears" dough fried out of a tube in grease and instead of sugar and cinnamon, it is almost like honey. It is really sweet, and greasy at the same time.

This is the local market, it webs for miles, and is crowded with people selling food, clothes, trims, wedding decorations, you name it.

Then I went to I think the most incredible restaurant I have ever been to in all my travels. The food was BEYOND amazing. It was in this retreat that is 200 years old, from some wealthy casonova cat that lived in Delhi some 200 years ago. This plaque describes a bit of his history, I nicknamed him JOHN BOOBY....of course not pronounced this way, but this guy seemed like a real "boob". I am going to google this guy and see if I can find what he really looked like. He did have good taste in retreats I might say. It is behind a big stone wall, and through a gate. Once you enter, it feels as though you have been transported to a magical place far from the dusty streets of Delhi.

This is the most incredible idea. Instead of the typical olive oil etc, for bread dipping , you are presented with this stone mortar and pedestal that is filled with oil herbs, red onions grilled.(The onions here in India are not left to grow large like we are accustomed to , they are pulled tiny)
This is the courtyard of the retreat. This is a banyan tree that is 175 years old. It is fantastic.

This is a mound of shoes of patrons entering the shop stall. The streets are very dusty so you leave your shoes at the door.

I can't interpret this sign, but it is a peaceful message from a wise old man. The people are gentle sweet and kind.

This is the entrance to a Temple. You must leave your shoes in a room , they wash your feet before entering....

Yeah, I know this is a wicked picture of me, but I wanted to show you, there is a basket of fabric and your head must be covered, so you pull one out and tie it on your head, then return it when you leave. Orange is DEFINATELY not my color.

This is the interior of the temple, it is solid real gold. The Preist is reciting from the "book". all messages of peace and love. This is a seik temple. The are the "defenders or warriors" of the people.

Here is the incredible thing about the temple. There is a large room in back, which is stricly volunteers, and anyone, I mean Anyone, any religoun can come and get a meal. It is a fantastic generous gesture. They feed so many people each and every day. When you go to the alter, you are given a blessed flower from the priest....usually a marigold, however, he gave me a "special " flower of a rose bud. A lot of meaning in a tiny bloom.

My trip to India has been wonderful and educational, I am so blessed to be able to see these different cultures, and experience the differences. It also makes me realize how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to live where I live, have a roof over my head, food at my disposal, and a warm clean bed each and every night. Those words we heard growing up when we didnt clean our plate ( do you know how many kids in India are starving?" Is truer than you can ever imagine, and are now a reality to me. Look around you today, and realize how incredibly lucky you are....there are thousands of people who feel blessed and thank god daily for what they have, and it is virtually nothing.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

How can I begin to Thank You !!!

This Hotel Sign that is a new product for Peacock Park Design, is all tooooo familiar. We have been living in hotels since the first week in January. We went from Atlanta, to Dallas, to New York City. I already posted about the Atlanta show, so I thought I could fill you in on the "road show" as we call it. These two shows are "temporary" booths, which means, you have to set it up and tear it down all within 4 or 5 days time. We usually take 2 days to set up, and then tear down after show close at 3pm. Sometimes we are there until 2 or 3 in the morning. We dont move as fast by the time we tear down because we are absolutely exhausted. Thank goodness for Kelly, because I certainly couldnt do it alone. We also have show help that gets into the act, but it is a daunting job. All this has to be put back into boxes, pallets, and shrink wrap.

This is our space in Dallas, Once we took all our pallets out of the booth, I took a photo to show what we start with.

This is the start of our "structure". This is new to us this year. Bob the builder built it for me, and Kelly and I painted it to give it that "distressed flea market look."

This is it after. The idea is to make it look like individual French Flea stalls. Each stall had its own vibe or theme......The garden area, the manly room, the girlie room etc....

This is way out side the box for me. I can't believe it myself.....RED????? Yes, I did do some things in red. It is not bright red. It is antiquated washed out, muddy red. So therefore I think its okay. I call this vignette "carnivale" It reminds me of a wonderful old carousel.

These are my new palette paintings. I actually did something like this when I first started the line, but now I added a little bit of dimension. These are actual paintings, and I have the artist actually put the paint on the palette, and use it from there. Then when they are done, I have the brush mounted with old wire to the palette.
I collect old palette paintings from Europe so these are my rendition of that wonderful art form I love.
The girls who paint these for me, are absolutely adorable, and I am always so thrilled when I get to send them pictures of customers with their works of art.

This is a fountain that is outside the mart building. I am an absolute animal nut, and I think this sculpture is fantastic. I would love, love, love to have this fountain in my yard. One day maybe I can make a tabletop version in sandstone.

We called this the "manly" room.

This amazing Valance is one that I purchased in Paris at a Flea Market. I adore this one, and it fit perfectly over our new structure.

A view looking down the isle can give you an idea of the "flea market" feel that we were after.

everyone asks if we have a "plan". No we just figure it out when we get to each show, because it always is changing.

my new stage. I just love this new design. It will be so great when I get all the "kits" done that will have a different background with new players for every occassion and season.
I need to get busy. I wish there were more hours in a day.

This fantastic scale is an antique, but I am going to produce a version of this. Can't you just imagine how cute this will be in a kitchen filled with onions or fruit, or on a porch with plants, or in your bathroom with towels????? Ohhhhh so many options. Stay tuned for that one, it hopefully will be ready by summer.

We were honored and happy to recieve the booth award for the third time in Dallas. Thank you judges "whoever you are" they are secret people who judge I think.

I really am considering changing my name to STORMY. Everywhere I went there was a storm to follow. In Atlanta, the ice came and shut down the city. In Dallas there was record cold and ice, and then in New York......Oh, my there was 12 inches of snow in 4 hours. This is Broadway during morning rush hour. It is unbelievable. And just think, they can't just shovel it away, because you need to get to the curbs and everyone walks.........soooo what do they do???? they have big bulldozers come in and scoop it all up, fill the backs of trucks, and dump it into the river. It helps that Manhattan is an island.

This is a bronze statue of an owl hiding underneath all that snow.

The storm delayed everything, including getting our freight. But it did make it, so this is our space this time in New York. It was shaped like an "L". Here is the tricky thing.....We have one less booth than we had in Dallas, and the complete show traveled here. So now we have to put it ALL in less space. YIKES !!! We were LOADED.....too loaded , but what can you do right??? We made the best of it, and stacked and packed. Pictures were layered. Customers thought it was a genius way to display art, we explained, we liked it, but we really were trying to make more room on our precious wall space, or what little of it we had.

Here we go again !

I have a wonderful friend who manages a terrific Resturaunt in Detroit. He saves his corks for me. I love them, I had baskets full of them. Thank you again Nino....I really appreciate it.

I always bring lots of antique props for display. Usually they are for sale, but there is a few that I just can't part with. These Antique leather clown shoes are one of them. Aren't they fantastic..... Well the truth is my husband bought these in an antique store for my Dad for Christmas, he said it is because he is such a clown. He is....we laughed till we cried when he opened them. There was a great love letter that went with them describing how he searched for a special gift, for a special guy etc, etc....it was a riot. It just so happens that my dad is my husbands best friend and vise versa. You can't ask for anything better can you??? The are total teasers though and always are trying to "one up" the other one.

I love this worn wood clock,. I love the deep turquoise color, and it runs on 2 AA batteries, and keeps perfect time.

I love the lanterns and all the new tissue paper goodies. So did my customers.

I still sell a ton of crowns, hey, who doesn't love a crown right?

Our mascot....these are beyond beautiful....don't worry, they passed of natural causes.

I cannot begin to thank all of you !! The store owners who have purchased from me in the past, the shops that just became part of the Peacock Flock, and all the customers of the stores who put my items in your homes. It is so great to hear from all the stores that the items are selling....yes, selling..I am THRILLED. It is one thing to get orders, but to get re-orders. Wow, that means that other people like it too!! My goal is to design some great looking fun decor, and have it affordable, so we can all change it up as often as we like, and not feel like we have to live with it, because it costs a fortune right??
So again, I am Thankful for everyone of you for reading my blog, following me on my creative journey and giving me your wonderful kind words of encouragement.
Merci , Merci, Merci Beacoup !!!!
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