Sunday, January 23, 2011

Icy Atlanta

Well I am home for a day inbetween shows. We went to Atlanta just before the ice hit and shut the town down !! It was unbelievable. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING was open. It was crazy, people trying to find food. Even the hotels were running out. They didnt have any staff to cook it.
But withing 3 days, it was business as usual and the show went on.....The buyers were upbeat, and positive. We had the best market EVER !!! The response to the new products was a definate thumbs up !! I am doing a quick post to show you the layers of goodies that were in the showroom.

The antique clown shoes were a real hit !

It definately looks like a flea market in here !!

My new printed paper goods were the rage. I think they were on just about every order.

This is a glass cake plate and server in vintage script.

This is the new opera stage I have cooked up. The background slides up and there will be "kits" that have various themed backgrounds with the cut out figures to compliment the scenes. Christmas, New years, etc. etc.....

This says Fresh Eggs in French.

Thank you EVERYONE for your sweet comments, enthusiasm to the Peacock Park Design and your orders.
You all make it possible for me to continue to do what I love.......CREATE !!!!
Merci Beacoup !
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