Saturday, June 20, 2009

1023 B

Well............It is official.
Peacock Park Design has signed a lease on a permenant showroom in Atlanta's Mart.
We are sooooooo excited. It is not a big showroom by any means but it is certainly a big step.
We are delighted that our showroom has a kitchen (Bistro) which we intend on creating loads of delicious nibbles, and of course drinks. So Please come on by and say hi, and stay a spell. We will be waiting. We are in Building 2 on the 10th floor, Suite 1023B right by the "swirly" escalators.

This is a picture of the space when I first arrived. ...............Nice, clean and B-O-R-I-N-G.

Oh dear, what to do with these white walls, and that black rubber molding and Urghhhh the carpet is band aid colored......YUK!!! Sooooo off to Home Depot armed with a charge card I raided the paint isles and chemical stripping section.

These are the guys I lasso'd into working with me to remove the old carpet and pounds and pounds of glue.....This is a messy, messy job.

Two day later the gum was all gone, and the patina of the old cement was coming through.

Next was the walls, I painted them to look like an old industrial warehouse, they look as if they have been there one hundred years now. I did it with a mix of glaze and opaque stain.

Now I shredded a part of one wall down to the bottom layers of paint, and drywall mud. Keep in mind not much of this will show once it is all decorated. I did a quick coat of glaze over top for more age and that was it. It looks like the Tazmanian devil was locked in over night and tried to get out.

I went antiquing while I was there, and had the coolest porch swing delivered, along with some body forms, and a wonderful old barn door.

My plan is to have the ceiling draped with rusty chicken wire, dripping with our "signature" branches. We like to call it "branchification".
This is just the tip of the iceberg but come in say hi, and see the finished product.

This is our little bistro. It needs help, I am hoping to get the time to trick this out too, but I might just have to wait till January market for that to happen.

After I left atlanta I flew to Illinois and rented a truck in Iowa and went "proppin" in Iowa. I found the coolest stuff. This is pic of the truck after just 2 hours in my favorite spots.

One of them is The Nest in sperry Iowa, she always has a ton of affordable treasure. Check out her site at These are pics of Peacock Park Design goods in her shop.

I LOVE her store.

The next stop was at Green Oaks in Rochester indiana. Annie, has gobs of goodies, tons of big pcs, and architectural pcs. I left annies with just enough space in the back of the truck to slip in one last window I wanted. That was it........LOADED.

These are pics of Peacock Park Design goodies in Annies store. Check out her store at BEFORE AND 48 HOURS AFTER.............I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!

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