Monday, March 21, 2011

SPRING Forward.......... is official. The first day of spring. I just can't stand it, I feel like I have been waiting for a year for spring to arrive, but then on the other hand, it is a blink of an eye. It seems like the older I get the faster the years go. They are just zooming these days. Anyway you look at it, time is precious. Sometimes it moves at a bad movie, you keep thinking..."This HAS to get better". And Sometimes it just flies. Like walking through a flea market....The time just zips...I know why they say time flies when your having fun. Some ways to tell time are beautiful, whimsical, artistic, and fun.....all the gears on all the clocks, all keep spinning at the EXACT same time. Isn't that amazing.....How do they do that??? Think about it, and they have been ticking for hundreds of years......
I am leaving for Texas in just a few days, and again I cannot believe that it has been 6 short months since I was last there. I just love the vibe of Texas, the people, the food, the name it. I will be again blogging about all the amazing finds and treasure I uncover at the flea markets.

We have BIG news....Peacock Park is moving to a huge new showroom in the World Trade Center in Dallas, so I will be searching for some really unique and big display pieces to build into the space. I hope all you store owners will pop in and say hey.

(I love this little clock. I bought it years and years ago at an auction in Chicago....and the enamel planet with stars that the putti is holding, is actually a clock, so on a desk anyone advancing would see the sculpture while the owner could tell the time.)

I love this crazy clock....on the hour the little gnome will hit the bell with his trusty hammer.

I have a fetish about architectural models, and this on in the form of a church has 4 clocks that go around the bell tower. If you take off the lid they are actually pocket watches that someone years ago built little spots for them to sit.

I also collect painters this clock was an easy decision at the Paris Flea market for me. Look how they put the dabs of paint on the edge .

Oh, micro mosaic...who doesn't love or at least appreciate the work involved in this art form. It must take patience of steel to put these items together.......My eyes are too bad, my mosaic would definitely be "modernistic" hem, er, that is what I will say anyway......

oh, a did he get there?? a sterling silver bird I found recently at a second hand store......30 him !
More mosaic clocks......

This is sort of Egyptian revival....that was a huge rage years back, when the "obelisk" was given to Paris. It still stands there today...Napoleon was instrumental in finding the Rosetta stone too....Imagine, if he didn't...they probably would still be trying to figure out hieroglyphics....(I am sure I have butchered that spelling)
Well I hope y'all have time to accomplish what you want to.
Time to stop and really smell the roses...or the spring rain.
Time to enjoy the drive, and not try to make the light.
To be able to not worry about "what time it is"

I will have some Killer pics next week I am sure....wish me luck, and the timing to find what I am looking for....of course I don't know what that is until I see it..



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