Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder......

I have just returned home from my whirlwind tour of the show circut.....WOW!! What a ride!!!!. I was in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles this month. I have had a blast, but I am so glad to be home. I met amazing people, and I cant thank you enough for blessing me with your orders. I am overwhelmed with the response to my little line. I am thrilled that my humble designs will grace the shelves of so many wonderful shops across the globe. I will talk about that later. I dont have any pictures with me ( I left the chip in my other briefcase ) URGH!>> so I am going to get some pics posted that I have been wanting to share for weeks.

I Pulled my kids out of school for 2 days before the crazy shows started, I knew I wouldnt get to see them much in the month of Jan. so I took them with my husband,my stepdaughter, stepson, and granddaughter. to Disney world. I LOVE the attention to detail that the imagination team dreams up and executes in their themeparks.......anyway, I had to show you pics, that I found wonderful, and just a testimonial that it isnt money that gives an item substance or worth.

Isn't this wonderful???? I pile of old tires never looked so good. I love the contrast of the old peeling paint on the tires, to the manacured slick sofisticated pruning of the trees planted inside......sooooo clever.
Another statement made in white. The old tires are amazing containers that are so urban chic, not to mention super recycle savvy. Doesn't this make you want to go raid some landfills?
The Icing on the Cake !!!!
Wow, you da thunk it??? Licence plates for borders. I dont think the planning committee would approve of this one, but hey , who really cares. I think it is a clever use for recycling again.

Hmmmmm.....who doesn't want to live here??? I call the room with the turret !
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