Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Photo Shoot

Well, Kelly and I decided to get some more of the products photographed so we could get them on the website. It is tough to sell something if noone can see it eh?.... Sooooo we did another one of our photo set up days. This is a personal favorite. A mesh crown. It is so sweet, and it fits too!
Well, er, so I'm told!
AHhhhh the smell of a boulangerie (bakery) in Paris....This basket brings fond memories.

Okay, is this not the coolest???? I love how slim it is. It is still tall and big but you could do so much with this. I am going to put a whole "graveyard scene" for Halloween, or a miniature garden scene at Easter. Oh you nameit.

The Ultimate Holder for everything, picture this on a craft table holding all your treasure.

These keep the bunnies away from your seedlings in style.....

This is the warehouse cat. Her name is "mouser" for obvious reasons. She has 6 toes on each foot, I think that gives her an extra edge against the enemy!

I love this love it! Can't you picture this on Dick Tracy's Desk???

A paperweight for a queen.

My Favorite Bracelet. There is nowhere I would rather be but Paris. I started making some Jewelry. It is a fun addition to the Peacock Park Line.

This is an antique Liquor basket. It is inspiration for a future peacock park design treasure.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You have so many pretty things for sale, but I think I like the chandy the most. See you in a few weeks!!

trash talk said...

I can picture that tray on MY desk!

Tee of Vinnord Cottage said...

Oh my... everytime you post I just die alittle. There is sooo much I would want, and its impossible to get here in Norway... siiigh... I almost wish I never found you! ha ha ha... not really though. Eyecandy is better than no candy at all ;)

Myrna said...

Oh, what great treasures you display! You find the COOLEST stuff!

GINA's BLOGGATORIUM........... said...

Thank so much, I am glad to see that the response to the new designs has been a good one. It is always scary to know if they will be well recieved or not.

Barbara Jean said...

new here. great post. off to see more

barbara jean

Lou said...

Ohhh I so looove that birdie! Gorgeous! And the bracelet is oh so true!!!:) Beautiful Blog!!
See that you have wholesale site.. does anyone sell outside the US.. like in Aus??? So agree with DragonFly's comment!!!:)
Hugs Lou xx

Peridots Garden Blog said...

This is my first visit to your beautiful blog...I came from Dawn's...The Feathered Nest.

Every photo draws me in to further investigate and appreciate your treasures...and honestly wishing they were mine!

I'll be back!


The Rustic Victorian said...

I just came over from The Feathered Nest, fabulous blog and goods..great good luck to you in Atlanta.

Sandi said...

I especially love the bracelets, crown, paperweight , chandelier...Oh I just love it all!!
Would love to be entered in your weekly giveaway too!
PS Is your warehouse where your Peacock Antiques store used to be? I remember a cat roaming around there. :)

Nancy said...

Love anything wire. The braclets are so ebony and ivory.By the way,I have a tradition every Halloween that is a graveyard vignette in my wooden version of your terrarium. I completely agree, this piece is one of the most versatile decorative objects one can own. See you on Facebook,

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and saw the wonderful article in Victoria. Your home and shop would be like living in heaven, especially with all of the critters too!!!!

Is that paperweight for a queen for sale? I collect "queen" things and would love to buy it.

Thanks. Marcy

GINA's BLOGGATORIUM........... said...

Hi Marcia,
Yes, we have MANY queen things..I love Marie Antoinette. So in her honour I have many.
Although PPD is a wholesale company, you can shop on
there you will find many of our products for retail sale.
good luck.

Margaret said...

Love, Love, Love, your items!!! Have seen you in Sampington Studios, Where Women Create and I also follow The Feathered Nest site. Was glad I checked out your site.

QueenBe said...

I have been desperately trying to find out where I can purchase your items since Peacock Antiques in Fenton, Michigan was closed. I was a regular shopper and admirer for years and when it left, I was heartbroken. Now after discovering your blog and seeing you are still in existence (somewhere) it has made me begin my search for you all over again! PLEASE email me and leet me know where I can have the same shopping experience as I used to at peacock Antiques in Fenton. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting for the order I placed for my shop...know my customers will love it...

Monica said...

I am so excited to have found your blog! I saw the gorgeous article in Victoria Magazine! Oh please may I get locked into your store! Not a stalker and I do windows and dust! Monica

Tamara of Threads of Imagination said...

Just found your blog and I am very glad I did. Such inspiring photos and great ideas. Will look in again soon.

Vikki said...

I love the way you throw things together and make it all look natural.
The old and new blends well.
I see all the vintage items you show in the showrooms and wish you could reproduce them.
Love the big top hat, old dress forms and last year that great big horse. Awesome

Vikki said...

I love how you throw things together and make it look natural.
Love all the old things you throw in the showroom, like the big top hat, old dress forms, and especially the great big horse you had last year.
Wish you could reproduce more of the old things, but I like it all.

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