Friday, March 12, 2010

Packing My Bags.....

Okay It is the official countdown to hitting the road again. I am going to leave on the 17th. to head to Atlanta for our March spring market at the Showroom in Atlanta.

I am heading out a day early to bring my Blue and Gold Macaws (Ricky Retardo and Jo Jo) with me on the flight. NO they wont be with me in the showroom. I am donating them to a wonderful new home in Buckhead. The boys who own Boxwoods in Atlanta are going to take them to their home and bring them eventually to their farm an hour outside of Atlanta, that has lambs, sheep chickens, cows and now Macaws amongst other critters.

Macaws are beautiful huge parrots, like the ones you see in Hawaii airline commercials. I have to believe that the creators of Avatar looked at the Blue and gold Macaw for the inspiration for their wild wonderful winged creatures. I think the color combination of a Macaw is Gods Artistic hand at its finest.

They are Big and Loud, and Beautiful. The one thing they do need it alot of room to roam. The Boxwood boys took the finches from the showroom and have given them a fantastic home. I am sure Ricky and Jo JO will be happy in the warmer climate. I have a great outdoor aviary, but in the winter they have to come inside. And in Michigan it is a L-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time to be indoors. The live the winter in the Warehouse and I am spending less and less time in the warehouse these days, and I feel like they just arent getting enough attention without my being there. So I am happy they will have a great home, and great family.

Then after the Market, I am meeting the group of gals at the Atlanta airport to head to Houston, grab my pickup truck and off for a 2 hour drive to Round top.

I will be there with Jo Packham at Theresa Canos blog party at zap hall. It is at 6 pm. right in front of Zapp Hall. Check it out at Garden Antiques Then the 2 opening days at Marburger for more signings with Jo. Please come say HI if your there.

I am dusting off my cowboy boots, and polishing my spurs. I hope I find a ton of treasure.

Wish me luck! oh, and of course I will have a MONSTER blog when I return with a million pictures from the fields and fairs.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Gina, so looking forward to you and Jo being at my blog party. Can't wait for time to get here!!

trash talk said...

Obviously you love your animals so much that you want to provide the best environment for them. Kudos to you for doing what was a hard decision to make, but the best one for their happiness.
See you in two weeks.

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