Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Afternoon in France................Almost.

Okay, how would you like to pull up to this after work everyday??? and not have to take the 9 hour flight to France? Well, that is exactly what my friends Dan and Randy aka: Dandy have accomplished. This amazing abode is in the heart of Buckhead Georgia. An incredible area where all the homes are charmed with characteristics that make each one unique. However, I must say, I believe this one takes the cake. And its journey to how it got to this magnificent state is even more unbelievable. Now, notice the windows on the left. Do you see the light coming through as if it is the outside? I will show you the secret to that later.

Yummy Moss everywhere....I love it !

They don't miss a trick. REAL gas chic.

Even the Driveway drain is an antique work of art.

This is a focal point in the dining room......WOW ! I forgot to ask, how many people it took to lift her up there?

Utter elegance but not stuffy. Soooooooo perfect !

This is the water bowl for My macaws that now live here......of course its carved stone. Would you expect less?? No more stainless steel for them. I bet they will go from peanuts to pecans !

The Ultimate Work Studio....This is the wrapping room......Oh, can you see the green shade of envy I have. Who wouldn't love to have this. I just wanted to sneak down there and wrap a gift.

A sneak peak into the cupboard of wrapping accouterments.

A vignette oh so simple in the "what else" Wine Cellar. Randy painted each and every stone in the background. They were bright white when they move in.

As you can see , Randy has the patience of a saint ! This man is a One Man Creative Machine!
If I could bottle his brilliance I would be blogging from my private island in the south of France.

What is more fabulous, the interior or the exterior??? I think it is a toss up. Every inch of this estate is IMPECCABLE !

I love the use of mirrors in an outdoor space. Neighbors, did you say neighbors, what neighbors????
Now, most gardens have a focal point right? Well.......this garden has a million focal points how can you pick. Here is just one of them.

The master himself !! Yep, he personally put in every one of those pieces of stone.

And, laid every one of these smooth pebbles to replicate a rug in front of the fireplace.
Romeo oh, Romeo....where art thow Romeo??????
Remember the front window that shows the light coming through??? Well this is the back..It is an open air living room complete with an (are you ready for this) outdoor shower. I have always wanted an outdoor shower. Something about bathing with the birds I guess.

Dan and Randy heading off to the "secret garden"

Faux Bois everywhere......(false wood in french) The Europeans have done this for centuries. The make garden furniture from concrete to simulate ornate wooden pieces that are indestructable to the elements.

What used to be a swimming pool is now the focal fish pond in the back garden.

More Moss covered Faux Bois

A grotto. Yes, Randy laid everysingle stone in the alcove too.

The old front door facade is now the pediment for the fireplace off the kitchen. The wall are wood with a secret simple concoction that Randy invented to replicate ancient Lime. (Incredible)
This is the house before Randy got his creative mits on it. Dan is his biggest fan and supporter, but I think I am fan no. 2.

A great use for an antique enamel french bidet'. Now is repurposed as a dog bowl.

The best collection of silver shakers ever. And of course..perfectly displayed.

A treasure of Intaglios.

Sumptuous Draperies everywhere. These are on pins, so you reverse them for the seasons.

A good freind stopped by one day and made a comment to Dan and Randy, "I am surprised, your house is so decorated, I am surprised the stairwell ceiling is so plain". Well This is the result. Yes, it is a real skylight.

A beautiful pair of terra cotta niches, house the most beautiful of terra cotta bust. The flank a fabulous french door that leads to an iron balcony at the top of the stairs. Oh, and the walls.....Well another Randy masterpiece. No not stone slabs , but painstakingly painted individual slabs.

This is the open air secret room that backs the two windows at the front. Isn't this fantastic !! The shower is to the left....

Okay, this is a redtole collection. The urn was a single, until Randy found a mate in the same shape at a flea. So to make it match he painted it. Can you tell them apart??? I can't!

A collection of wax document seals. These were used to seal the documents and show the proof of the hand that sealed it. Much like a signature.

This is just a little display in the closet window, Yes, the closet. Every nook is perfectly displayed.
My husband and I have a favorite hotel in France, and this Master could be one of the suites at this hotel. Impeccable execution.

The Ultimate Bath..........

The lower level, antique shutters with mirror behind, give the illusion of a floor length window where there is no light. Great idea eh?

This is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It is a tiny mirrored jewel box. They found a huge box of old venetian mirror pieces, and came up with this incredible use. The result is magical. It is just like a venetian palace. every inch of the room is trimmed in wonderful aged beveled mirror.
An antique venetian table mirror, is now used as a backsplash.
Even the ceiling is not forgotten.

Well, this concludes my tour of the fabulous chateau de boxwood. Dan and Randy are the dynamic duo that own Boxwoods Garden and Gifts inc. in Atlanta . If ever you visit Atlanta you must go to the store. Can you imagine what that is like? Hopefully I can get a chance to give you a blogging tour of that too.
So I thought I was coming to Atlanta and instead I spent an afternoon in the French countryside ...............Almost, at least the closest thing to it on American soil.
Merci Monsiures Randy and Dan , Merci
Bon Jour


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

What beautiful pictures!!! It's all so gorgeous, there was so much beauty it would be hard to narrow it down to my favorite, loved it all! Thanks so much for sharing such beauty!!! Blessings... Daphne

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Oh wow! What a fabulous tour! It must have given you so much inspiration! Your birds will be very happy there. Kim



Anonymous said...

Wow, how marvelous a tour was that! It was fantastic! And how talented the owners of this incredible home are? Inspiration everywhere in this marvelous home! Wow, that's all I can say. Thank you for sharing.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This is just an amazing home- a true labor of love, a work of art! It was so fun to see- thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the trip to America's French haven....the pictures are so inspiring to see....they give a creative mind some insight....thank you for sharing..Now I must look up their web sight...thanks again Sandra.

Vanessa Kiki Johanning said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!! Can I be more explicate!!
I am hyperventilating!! Its more beautiful than the Biltmore and the Hearst put together and in details!!
Thanks so much for the tour!! I will definitely stop by on my next trip to atlanta... in fact it gives me an AWESOME reason to go there!!

These guys should have their own tv show!! Seriously!! or their own magazine!! Whatever they do I am a new fan!!! I can see why you were so excited! I will be a new fan too!

What a wonderful present to walk/click through on a cold march day!!
p.s.~Do they have a website? /blog!???

Myrna said...

Stunning! Just Stunning!!


Dear Lovely Gina,
We can't begin to thank you for such a nice homage to our home and efforts. Meeting you and getting to laugh/play/eat/etc. with you has been an incredible pleasure. You are a refreshing breath of sunshine and light in the midst of such a dreary winter/spring. Looking forward to being lifelong playmates.
Love & Kisses,
Dan & Randy (The Boxwoods Boys aka Dandy)

lafamiglia said...

It is truly breathtaking! The detail in each room inside and out just gorgeous! Monica

The Scrappy Tree said...

Oh my. Absolutely speechless. What a magical place :)

Brissonte' said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I must say I am glad to have arrived in time to see this breathtaking home.

Please, oh please, get to their store as soon as possible!!!

I have a shop in Lawrence, MA and have applied to shop wholesale from Peacock Park Design. I cannot wait to see what you have to offer. I await and my heart goes pitter patter.

Thank you so much for this amazing post! Colleen

Dan said...

Holy cow! It's going to take me awhile to pick my jaw up off the floor. Loving all these pics. Great blog!

C J Morgan said...

Your narration of this wonderful haven was perfection! What would I expect from your exceptional taste...
It was a mini vacation--makes you feel as good as when you visit Peacock Park Designs! I could spend hours on both places!

Rebecca said...

Hey Gina
Just stopped by to say hello and thank you for such a fun filled week but first I have to get my jaw off the, you were certainly right about all of this beauty! Loved the bathroom!
Tell the posse' hey for me and again many blessings to you, I hope your Easter was wonderful and thanks again.

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