Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Peacock Park on Ice.............

We had a huge ice storm here in Michigan. It was the most destructive storm for power outages in more than 100 years.
Mother Nature put on a holiday display when the storm stopped and I had to get some pictures.

Absolutely EVERYTHING is coated in a layer of crystal clear ice.

It is hard to see in the photos, but it looks like glitter has been scattered magical. 

The enamel stove in the conservatory kept the room warm with an amazing view of the winter wonderland outside.

The ice is so thick, but it still shows all the details of what it is encasing.

Happy Holidays everyone, thank you so much for all the love and support with Peacock Park design products in 2013. 
I promise 2014 is loaded with all new introductions, and products. 
I also have some BIG news to reveal later this year.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Weekend in PARIS

I know I said that come this year, I would be a better blogger.  Okay, I lied!! It just seems that time goes by so fast. Then I think.......Oh, I need to touch up, lighten, adjust those pictures first, then I have to  put them in order, etc, goes the fun part.....I am going to start trying to do a bit more posting, without worrying about the text, the pics, etc....I will just load pics, and give you my usual verbal ramble..... So at least there is SOMETHING up to look at because if I wait until it is just perfect, It will NEVER happen.....EVER!!!
So here goes.... I just spent the last weekend in Paris. It was a quick long weekend with my husband, just us, and we hit the Flea's ( which fortunately he loves as much as I do). We strolled parks, ate food, and just enjoyed the city.
This happens to be my FAVORITE macaroon shop.  Macaroons are a French merangue cookie. Not the coconut marshmallow thing we call macaroons.

Only in Paris can you rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini by the 20min. segments. woo hoo

This is my favorite shot of all !!!   look closely.......... The dog on the right is walking a dog too.

The view from the balcony in my room.

Joan of Arc. May is the anniversary of her death almost 600 years ago. They still leave flowers in her honor. 
Imagine !!!   600 years

More homemade macaroons at a street fair. These are especially dark in colors....

Just one of many cathedrals in Paris. All built before America was even discovered. I am always in Awe of the artisians of yesteryear.

flower shops
A view from a window

Ever wonder how they get those hedges so dang straight???  Well look at what a little string and a stick  can do.

A typical bisto lunch

more flower shops

Look at the shape of the strawberries. They are long and oval.

A cheese shop....Can you imagine a shop with just cheese...and look how narrow it is, this is a typical size shop in Paris.

This is a FRENCH bulldog. I wanted to take him home.

This is Ralph Lauren's new store. He purchased this mansion and completely renovated it for his store and restaurant.

chic mannequins in the windows

The attic of the mansion is my favorite section. So rustic.

There is a section of Paris that we always go to on Thursdays, It is for dealers only and opens at 6am, and is locked up by noon. It is full of wonderful antique dealers. You can find huge bigger than life statues, complete rooms or tiny treasures. I have purchased so much here in the past.

This is a paneled room with massive wooden ceiling pieces

I love this man, off with his bouquets

so heavy, he had to rearrange

oh, a girl can dream.......I want this to be MY front door

Okay , I stood in the middle of traffic, trying to get this shot just right, the arch in focus and the cars around me blurring by. As my husband is sitting in a café on the corner trying to pretend he doesn't know the crazy amateur photographer about to get hit at any moment.

I didn't care, the shot was worth it...

Then I had to wait for the lights to come on....and a gasp of AHHhhhhhhh when they finally do!

This is a picture of what was over a wall into a building. I said to my husband..." I feel like charlies angels, spying over the wall". He said , "More like a peeping tom". Lets go!

Okay now the fleas begin.....oh the is a treasure hunt. Sometimes good , sometimes bad.

But in France its ALWAYS good.

We stopped to eat, at a corner bistro....mussels are a common dish in Paris. Mussels and Frites..(That's French Fries to us americans"

This is where I get all my furniture polish, and paste. It is only available in France. I use it on my wood furniture, and it smells like the Fleas of France to me.  I want to actually make a candle scent in this scent as well.

After the fleas we just went walking around Paris

Oh, yes please !! A CHOCOLATE Eiffel...about 45 dollars so a pricey piece of candy!

Even the carousels here are much better.

Then on the outskirts of Paris is a Park which we love. It is a piece of paradise. It is like central park of Paris.  It was built and designed by one man, well, he didn't physically do all the work himself, but he did all the planning. It is fantastic.


Yes, this is in Paris. Hard to believe isn't it.

Just another wonderful fountain on a street corner.

My husband and I also like this restaurant in the train station. It was built for the big Paris Exposition, and has been left untouched. It is such an opulent incredible venue. Just picture waiting for your train and having a quick bite to eat.  Well you still can, just like 100 years ago.



Here is what I love MOST about France. As most people who know me, know I am an avid animal lover, and France adores their animals as well. You are welcome to bring ANY dog no matter how big or small into a restaurant . Yes, I could bring Tank my bull mastiff if I wanted to.
Well here is this opulent restaurant and the cat goes simply strutting by. Ohhhh I love it. I know some of you probably think it unsanitary, I on the other hand find it very cool !

After dinner, my husband and I rush toward the Eiffel tower, because I see a rose colored sunset, and MUST get a picture of it.  So he obliges ( again) to my crazy scheme.  and we run at times to make it.

It was worth the run, although blurry on these pictures you certainly get the idea.

I have had such a request to take a group again this fall to Paris for a weekend of Fleas, food, and frivolity!!   Let me know if this is something you may be interested in, and we will keep your info. and keep you posted on the availability , pricing etc. When dates are finalized.
Of course it is limited to a manageable number of people so please let me know. 


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