Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fridays junkin

Just a day of junkin... Another mobile post. The pictures are not the greatest beings they are from my phone but you can certainly get the idea. I found some great treasures
My little trailer was full. I get a lot of ribbing about dragging my trailer wherever I go , but I am always prepared for a roadside roundup !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Barnstormers !!!

Well Kelly and I had to get some pictures for the website on the new Summer line up of goodies. BUT.........The warehouse is popping at the seams with loads of products arriving, and the guys are pressured to get it out the door. Customers have been soooo patient as we go through our growing pains. (Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that!) Sooooooooo....... I pulled in to the warehouse, with my little trailer in tow, and loaded up with treasure. We werent quite sure where we would shoot the photos, but we knew we would go somewhere in Peacock Park. We made a quick stop at a nursery and grabbed some little plants and flowers to pop into the displays here and there, and we made a mad dash to the barns. We thought that one of the old stalls might make a good backdrop for some of the products. We set up bales of hay for tables, and hung some burlap net over the open windows, so that it would filter what was an exceptionally sunny day. The ideal time is a cloudy day, but alas, we only had the one day. This fist shot was the last of the night and I am posting these pictures RAW right out of the camera, so yes, they will be adjusted to look a bit brighter and lighter when it comes time for their debut onto the website for sale. We decided to simply hang this long niche shelf on the gate, and I used a lavender plant we bought to pop ontop, and Kelly the lush she is was drinking on the job, and I stole her wine and glass for "proppage", then I dug around in a part of the old barn and found a stringless violin, that I am have all good intentions of turning into some amazing christmas display of some kind (yeah, okay so I'll fess up, I think I bought that over 10 years ago) but I still am going to use it......SOME DAY !!!!!
This is the tiny trailer that is usually trailing behind me, "just in case" I find something. It was stuffed to the top with treasure.  Yes, and a few folks who could see us from the road would stop and ask if we were having a "barn sale". 
  I have raised many different animals in these stalls. There have been Llamas. One nice, and one not so nice. Horses, Donkeys, and ponies. Fallow deer were here and its seems really like yesterday, but time is flying so fast, it has been much longer than I think. I had Kayla and African Lion in one stall for only 3 days. She needed more shelter from a local zoo, so they called in the middle of the night and asked if I could move her here. (it's a long story, but I used to rehabilitate large cats). Anyway, Kayla would cry if you left her alone, so I would have friends take shifts with me to keep her company, and supply a radio for the odd moments she would be alone, Well...that lasted 3 days, then Kayla ended up at the house, I just couldnt bear to leave her in the stall alone. That is just since these barns have been in my care, I can only imagine the horsed, cattle, sheep, and carriages and equipment they have had in the old wood walls. There is still about 7 original stalls, a tack room and a grain room with the coolest green painted grain bin that I would LOVE to put into the showrooms, but I dont have the heart to move it from its original home.  So you can see our pile of products, props and plants that we used as the day went on.

This is one wing of the Barns. They are over 150 years old, and from the air, it is a "T".  I have been saying for a while now that I want to have a good ol' fashion BARN PARTY !!!! But I have so so so much stuff to clear out first. I guess I will have to have a barn sale before the barn party.

Something about stuff just nailed against the old barnwood.  Mr. Wonderful keeps threatning that they need a serious paint job, but I am so happy with the chippy, painted patina finish that is on them now, I cant imagine them all pristine, can you ???

A found chair from the storage stall in the barn.

The sun was streaming in, and the hay dust was flying....There really is nothing like an old barn.

  I love these ity bitty bikes. so sweet on a kitchen island, or on a bookshelf.

How sweet it is.....A mini dresser. I could stash alot of stuff in this little drawers.

Yes, its a crown bowl, but seriously, I love it as a pedestal too......!
This is for the birds.

Okay, this one is a personal fave !!! Love Love Love this.
If its gonna look like this then it's time to get a new clock.....right?
This is fashioned from an antique hanging scale I have , but I added a clock instead of the scale, I care more about what time it is, than how much my bananas weigh.

This is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to new products. I am still finalizing alot of new items too, that hopefully can possibly debut this summer, but I think they may not make the deadline and have to go to the Jan show circut. It is frustrating because I get so excited and want to show you everything right away, but usually they still need final tweeking to get the product just right.  I hope you like the sneek peek. It will all be available, this summer.   If you are a wholesale customer, let us know if you have any questions, and if you are a consumer, Please email us, and we can direct you to a store near you, if there is anything in particular you  are liking !!! 
Happy Mother's Day Tomorrow Mom......I miss you tons .
   I have a HUGE  announcement ......Yes, it is official....My MOM.....DEE.  She is going to come to Atlanta this July for Market. Yes, she will be there perched somewhere in the showroom, just dying to meet all of our customers. So PLEASE, come in and say HI to DEE. Show her some love.  To know her is to love her, so I am really excited for her to finally get to really see what we do!!  She knows, but she has really never been to a show in person. So it is going to be a blast.
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