Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ephemera Decor

I have gotten so many emails looking for these products to come out. So I am going to give away boxes of them when they arrive. If you follow the blog, and if you haven't already, then add this blog to your sidebar favorites on your blog, if you dont have one, then leave a comment. You will be in the drawing. I will give away to a dozen wonderful people. Good Luck.

What is Ephemera??? It actually is derived from the latin language, and means not to be kept a day. So the written notes, ledgers, ads etc.....all those wonderful pieces of paper that were never intended to be saved, or used again, are now being repurposed for a myriad of things.

I happen to be a HUGE fan of this medium. I use old documents and ledger papers, reciepts, advertisements, and labels. I am soooooooooo excited about the new items that I just designed for Peacock Park Design. I used old letters, and reciepts, billheads and ledgers, to be put on tissue paper garlands, flowers, and lanterns. They turned out amazing.

I trimmed this little tree in my studio workspace with old embellishments that I found at the Paris Flea Market. I also found a box of old letters at a house sale, and put them all over the tree, and in a wreath wrapped around my cherub statue.
You really can decorate with anything. It doesnt need to be high priced ornaments. I think it can be charming with a little imagination.

I also pick up these antique ornaments when ever I see them. I dont know but something about the old ornaments, with their speckles, and spots that give them that extra oompf. I use ornaments to fill up bowls everywhere.

Happy Holidays to Everyone !!
Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook ( Peacock Park Design) we have so many give-a-ways.
I have gotten so many emails regarding the availability of the new paper items. They should be available by early February. You can email or comment to find how to purchase, or find a store near you !! I am just so happy you like it too !!!!!


Sandi said...

I love your paper roses and that ribbon! Just beautiful! Do you sell them??

time worn interiors said...

Oh Gina! Girl you amaze me! I need to get my hands on some of that ribbon and roses! they are wonderful! Do you have those on your web site? I would love to visit your show room, but we will be in Texas in Jan. for a show at the Red Barn. One of these days I'm gonna get to Atlanta and visit you while you are there!

A Wild Thing said...

Theresa took the words right out of my amaze!!!

Just to let you know I still have your furniture, though I've taken it out of the shop and have it at home, that way I get to play with it for a while, just in case you ever make it to Iowa in the next century...ha!

Keep up with the great stuff, you inspire!!!


House Things said...

Once again, I'm in Aw...I love everything you do! I can't wait for the day I have my own shop so I can carry your products.

The Attic Girls said...

Love the roses, but the butterfly wreath is on my wish list for sure! I can't wait to put an order in!

Leticia said...

Wow! I don't know how you do it, you know what I want before I do. What I wouldn't give for just a portion of your imagination. Love it.

Kathleen said...

Love the new Goodies !!!

Bohemian said...

Oh how beautiful they all are! And how generous of you to share them with your followers.

Christmas Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

Marian said...

All of your new items are amazing...can't wait to get my hands on them. PPD is an awesome source for wonderful items, Thank You for that!

Anonymous said...

Love the paper items! I have you listed on my blog as a favorite.

victorian parlor II said...

This is gorgeous! I love your style!



sandy said...

Gina, Like the others have said your imagination is AMAZING! I can't sleep at night dreaming about redecorating. How do you sleep dreaming about what you'll create next? These roses and ribbon are fantastic and they look great with antiques!

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Those roses would be beautiful in a vintage-style wedding - can't wait until they are available!

Divine Theatre said...

Ephemeral indeed...dreamy.

Barbara Jean said...

Love all the paper goods!!!


barbara jean

PS so glad i found you! said...

I love your roses and butterfly wreath.....I need them so much. Of course I adore all the ephemera items, so many possibilities!

the tattered nest said...

Love the paper rose and ribbon..crossing my fingers! Merry Christmas!


I am now a follower and you are on my sidebar. Hope I win!


The French Bear said...

My goodness these are all so beautiful! I hope that I will find your wonderful items here in Canada!!!!
Margaret B

Funky to Fantastic said...

Since I recently discovered Peacock
Park Design I have enjoyed great sales of all I have ordered. Looking forward to spring and those
wonderful paper roses and ribbon.
Loved the blog. Xmas is days away
but bring on spring.
peace and harmony
Funky to Fantastic

good goods & co said...

Oh! Can't wait to place an order!! Love the sweet wreath w/ butterflies!

good job!!


I'd love to know how to purchase your beautiful paper items (assuming I don't win that is...). I'm in Colorado. Sometimes the cool stuff makes it up here, sometime not. :-(


Thelma-Art said...

Wow so enchanting and inspirational. Thank you for sharing. I love them!! Happy Holidays!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

I cannot wait for market in Dallas so I can
see your new things!!!
They look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I knew I HAD to follow your blog for a reason! Beautiful things, practical things, all to decorate with! Lovely!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh how I love to go ah visitin on quiet Sunday evenings!!! I'm so glad to have found your blog!! I have to tell you that one of the only downfalls about living here in Paradise is that I can't find any of your designs. Nope not a one. I have had to resort to ordering the few things I do have from French Freak & having them sent to one of my kids. Then on my yearly visit to the northlands it's like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one! :) Oye what a girl has to do for the love of rust and patina!!!

Gina,I will be more then happy to put your blog on my side bar. It makes it all the easier for me to come visit.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

PS You know your crowns make the perfect props for displaying my handmade Art jewelry !! Thanks for the inspiration

Barbara Jean said...

all so beautiful


barbara jean

Bob said...

Just got home from the Atlanta Market and again your space was the most inspirational at the show. We had grand time exploring your new offerings and placing another order with Peacock Park. The ephemera items hold a special place for us, as we always have a bunch of old, vintage paper and millinery in the shop. Once your flowers, lanterns and banners arrive, they will be in the middle of the display. Thanks, Bob & Susan

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