Friday, December 25, 2009

And to All a Good Night ........

Happy Holidays, to Each and Every One of you. I Cannot begin to Thank Everyone for the Support and Enthusiasm for our Little Line Called Peacock Park Design. I am extremely Grateful for Each and Every Day That I am Allowed to do What I Love.
Thank You , Thank You, Thank You......... From the Bottom of My Heart!
I Wish You all Happy Holidays, Silent Nights, and Joeyux Noels !!!!
Bon Nuit !!


Angie said...

OMG Gina, Just checked all the new merchandise you will have in your newly expanded showroom next week.I cannot believe I will be there next week.Peacock Park is my very first stop. I will be placing a huge order I'm sure.See you at 9am Thursday!!
My daughter and I are the boutique owners who survived breast cancer and a 3ft flood of our boutique in 2008.We moved to a higher location last year and things were going so well we thought 2009 was going to be perfect, until my mom passed away 2 weeks before Christmas. She will be soo missed. She loved helping us decorate our store. She actually helped us decorate for christmas, so taking down the tree she decorated was really difficult. I feel her with me everywhere I go which is very comforting.
So 2010, we hope will be a break from such emotional turmoil. I know when I get to your showroom all of my problems will disappear!You are such a welcome vendor in the wholesale world.Your merchandise transforms my boutique into everything I dream of. The only other vendor who gets my heart racing is Park Hill of course.
I didn't mean to go on so long, I am just really excited about Atlanta and seeing you and your new showroom!!!
Angie- The White Rabbit

Ana said...

J'aime beaucoup a C'est si bon! et la interpretation pour Eartha Kit. C'est si, si bon!


Lauri Evans said...

Hey Gina, so good to see you yesterday at the Mart. Loved everything....Lauri@chippys

Preemie Donna said...

Found your blogg from Lauri's. Loved reading about all your animals.

Gloria York said...

Happy New Year and look forward to seeing all the new and fun things you have added - love all the chippy and old looking items!!

Gloria York said...

Happy New Year!! Love all your products!!

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