Friday, August 7, 2009

By George........

I am home from another round of showroom set ups, and traveling like a freak. It is so good to be back at home. I have a mountain of things to catch up on. I know that I a have been slow to say the least on the "blogging" so I am making a potpourri blog. It is a mix of many images and things that I want to share.
I just arrived last night back home from Seattle Washington. I have never been to Washington. WOW, what a beautiful state. I have a great group of reps there, and I went up to situate our new showroom in the mart there.
I finished up early and was off in my rental car to the top of the state, to visit a freind. The next shots are of her yard!! yes, I said was like a state park....right on the ocean. 67 acres to be exact. It was amazing....I wanted to show you some of the pictures. I know the pictures dont do it justice, but I think you can get the idea. I felt like I was on a mini vacation, in an exclusive resort. She is a wonderful gal, creative, hardworking, and deserves it ALL.
Her own PRIVATE beach. I have never seen a beach of wonderful pebbles. I wanted to bring home a semi load to make a wall or something....Dont you love the color pallete?? soooo subtle.

Notice the ocean in the distance, with islands in the view...ooh, how perfect, breezy and beautiful.

I thought it only appropriate to show "george". He who that state happens to be named after. This is a bigger than life bronze that actully stands in downtown Chicago.

I love to look at the detail in the bronzes of a bygone era. Can you believe how stylish these men were?? I would KILL for those boots, and the ruffled collars, wow.

They look as good going as coming.... I want Georges cape !!!

These are some pics of a small fraction of the peacock park product line.

This is one of our favorites....we call him Ramsey.

I couldnt resist to show you this beautiful cathedral....I could sit and look at this for hours.

The cathedral during the day, still has a wonderful sense of romance. You can plant an ivy to grow up any new construction to give it the instant ambiance that only Ivy can do.

We are off to New York this week for the New York International Gift Fair. I am hoping it will be a busy show. I will be bringing alot of new designs that will be on view for the first time. I am anxious for your input and enthusiasm. We are on the Pier. So if you make the trip to the big apple, please come by , say hi and introduce yourself. I am forever grateful for all you orders, no matter how big or small.


red.neck chic said...

Okay - ALL of your potpourri mix had me smiling! What a wonderful mix of fun and gorgeousness! And Ramsey? LOL He's cute - I think he needs to be at MY house! LOL

Have a wonderful week-end and great success on your New York show!!!

GINA's BLOGGATORIUM........... said...

Thank you so much for the well wishes.I cant tell you how much I appreciate it.

The Nest said...

I've been wondering about you!!! Wish I could go to New York with you & the flock!!! Miss you guys...

Sandy said...

The new designs look fantastic as usual! I love how your products look like antiques themselves! For me, they will be the heirlooms I pass down to my children!! Hope Kelly does her magic back at the old location. Much success to you in New York.

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