Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Abonimal Snowwoman.........BRrrrrrrrrrr.

I woke up this morning to freezing, sub zero, arctic air.  Aaahhhhhh.
I dont get it, the stores are filling up with spring magazines, giving me spring fever, and THIS happens?
Okay, I see the beauty, but really????   
I am so much happier with bare feet.
It was ZERO this morning, and the ponies were given extra rations to keep em warm, although as you can see they are not short on insulation.  My vet keeps telling me to put them on a diet, but I just can see doing that until spring.
I walked around Peacock Park and just shot a few pics.  
These are without touchups, enhancements, or any tweaking, but I have learned, If i am going to do that, then you would see these pictures in July.  I have all good intentions of getting it done, but time slips through my fingers like sand. Its crazy !!!!!
anyway, It is so beautiful, but I cant help but think about the less fortunate humans and animals alike that dont have the luxury of a warm shelter if they want it.  I am truly thankful and blessed. 



Bohemian said...

There is a stark haunting Beauty about Winter Scenes. Your Conservatory particularly looks Lovely covered and surrounded by a blanket of Snow... and I Imagine that inside it evokes a sense of Springtime ready to emerge. Even here in the Desert our Weather has been quite fickle this year, Sunny and 80+ degrees one moment and then plummeting to 40's with high winds and rain the next!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

mitchiesmom said...

These are just gorgeous shots!! They each have a story to tell - beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them!!

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