Friday, October 2, 2009

I love Texas !!!

You better go get a cup of coffee and relax this is a long post!
I'm back from Texas..........and I had another successful trip. I have tons of new treasure to adorn the showrooms around the country.

I always drive off the beaten path, and just see what I can find. Well, if there is an old abanded building then I love to go and explore it. Just think of who lived there, how long ago? The layout and design was actually quite beautiful. This is the back porch, you can see the wonderful trim and detail it had, and where it was up on the house. It just literally fell.

Look inside the window, it still has a bedframe from years back.

This is an old unmarked cemetary that I found out, was where Bonnie and Clyde actually hung out and skirted the law for days on end. They also robbed the two banks from the nearby town that is just 15 miles from that spot. You can see the whole county from that vantage point.

Okay, let me know if any of you have ever heard of this one. They hang bags of water from the ceiling and say that this will keep the flies down. Something they say, that the flies eyes dont like seeing that orb of water???/ beats me, but I didnt see many flies.

In every small town in texas there was always a "hall" or dance hall. This was the weekend social scene. They would gather, pot luck style, have music, and really gather every weekend.
I think it is a wonderful thing, and too bad we dont have that kind of community anymore.
I know people who have lived in a subdivision for years, and dont even know the family they live next to !!!!!!!!!! SOMETHING is wrong with this!!! Anyway, go introduce yourself if your one of those folks, and say, " sorry it took so long, but nice to meetcha".

another hall

This is my home away from home!! Betty and her husband Del, are my Texan family with loads of hospitality, and charm.

They have a beautiful piece of land, and the cabin is the perfect get away to really get away from it ALL!!

Just a little beauty in the field ! wild morning pretty!

If she would have been on a blue light special, I probably would be bringing her home...oh, I love her, St. Teresa.

I know a few women who would like to buy this ball and chain, and attach it to some man they know, or married!

This is an extremely familiar sign to me.....It is the ATM of France!!

Okay , call me crazy, but I HAD to have the horse!! he is soooo cool. It looks way better in person. I am thinking of decking him all out, and putting him in the new expanded Atlanta showroom........Oh, he is awesome. I havent named him yet, but he kinda looks like a Charlie to me !!

An over the top booth....beautiful and creative! Good thing I am a married woman!!!!! How stylish is he?? Yes, this is his normal attire
Well, how could I NOT get this?????? a peacock is a must

This was an old set from a play....If I only had the ceiling height. You never know what you will find here.
I had to buy this too.

Ahhhh the old shock treatment. Good thing I came alone, if my coworkers were there, they would have bought this and used it on me , I know it!!!!

The back of Charlie horse.

Okay, get out all those patterns that you WERE going to make and never did, and finally put them to good use. I probably have patterns that are 20 years old, with all good intentions of really making them......but now for decopage they are perfect!!

One of my absolute favorite finds...........I will put this in Atlanta showroom, we will use this instead of calling out the store names who is next , we will call your number....How fun, it comes with the box you push down the lever and it ejects a number. I am sooooooo thrilled with this dumb thing.

There were lots of beautiful inspiring fall displays and colors
These are old beef bones used and candlholders... Love this spooky look. Just make sure to take off the plastic sleeve on your candles, that is driving me crazy


Sandy said...

Thanks for taking all the great pictures of the antiques in Texas! Someday...
Love your posts, I'll always check to see what new pictures you have and love hearing about your adventures! Updated my screensaver with the pic of the cherub and boots!

Hope said...

Hey Gina,

Great pictures. We would be right there with you poking around those old houses.

Love Magnolia Pearl stuff. so pretty and lurvly

and that Queen sign...oh I WANT it.
thanks again for share.

The Queen Of Re (aka Hope

The Nest said...

Great pictures! New ideas are swimming around in my head! I can't wait to visit Charlie in Atlanta!! Only you...

Tee of Vinnord Cottage said...

I just LOVE your blog... the pictures are amazing... and I would buy almost everything you show from your own place... sigh... my kind of stuff... all fo it :)

Keep up teh fantastic work!!!

debi lynn mattingly said...

Looks like you visited a lot of the same places I did! :) Sorry, I missed ya...didn't know you were headed this way. Maybe we can catch up in the spring!


Carla said...

Such great loot! You have my "dream job". I'm new to the blogging world, but wow wow wow this will be a place for me to stop by & rejuvenate. Such great stuff.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Gina, so nice to meet you and get a chance to visit with you. If you could please email me at, I'd really like to seriously talk to you about the Spring Show Book Signing and Blog Party. Hope you had a great time, Theresa


What wonderful pictures you posted for all of us to see! I found you through Theresa C. Love your blog! Now a follower..
My Best

red.neck chic said...

Good grief, do you know how inspired I feel right now after looking at all of your pictures? LOL Thank you so much for sharing - I wish I could have met you while visiting the great State of Texas!!!

Now I just want to go home and totally re-decorate all that I decorated yesterday! LOL

Gorgeous photos - and what a fun time it sounds like you had!!!

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