Monday, July 28, 2008

Country Living Here we come................

My dogs are in BIG trouble This is where I dream !!

I just recieved an email from a freind in Atlanta, stating she saw me on the editors blog for country living magazine. Susan is a dear freind and has been for many years. She and her husband Lee, have hauled my many, many treasures of antiques, and architectural goodies for a long, long time. Through all of this we have become super friends. We went on a week long tour to Paris last spring with the "Peahens" . (a group of gals who I adore) and needless to say, we laughed until we cried. We hit the city with reckless abandon, went on many different side trips and rented a van and drove to visit my dear friends in belgium to see his incredible antiques and gardens. I will link to his website later....Anyway, a long story longer........
We went into Belgium had waffles, and chocolate. Went up to Montegue...this is a mount that Mary appeard to the shepard. There is an incredible shrine and is sooooooo moving.
I have a funny story about Susan and Lee....I happen to live on MANY acres and have a license to rehabilitate exotic animals....including LIONS AND TIGERS OH MY>.......Anyway, I did have two mountain lions, but of course the area around me was thinking Micheal Jackson moved in and the toungues were wagging. Soooooo Susan and Lee had a HUGE bright yellow banner made that said..."CAUTION WILD ANIMALS".....I have large barns up on the road.....they parked the semi up on the road at 5 oclock friday nite....(after city hall closed)....and we sat back and waited.....OH we had more fun....I think it took all of 8 minutes before there was a ring at the gate with a squad car......asking about the complaints of 'WILD ANIMALS" ....we explained it was a gag. The officers didnt see the humor, however, we told them to explain to the people, there wouldnt be WILD ANIMALS LOCKED IN A SEMI WITH NO WINDOWS IN THE SUMMER....DUH!!
The complaints kept coming all weekend, and I guess the phone system jammed with complaints from the weekend. We had alot of fun with the NOSEY neighbors. WE cant see them, but they are always VERY concerned about what goes on "Behind the gates".
Anyway, I was saying, you can view the blog from Jane the country living editor on her blog at country

When I met Jane, it is like I have known her for YEARS....we have so much in common. She is a complete blast of a person and an obvious free spirit...It was really great for me to meet her.

Jane just did a quick blog on the wholesale line we have....peacock park design

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