Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Toads Toes...........

AHHHhhhhhhhh Finally Summer has arrived...... I absolutely ADORE the hot days, and short nights. Crickets, frogs bring em on........ It is a symphony outside my windows. It would keep alot of folks up at night, but to me its a soothing lull you to sleep kinda noise.

Well , We have been so busy here at Peacock Park getting ready for the summer time. I have to say, I am SOOOOOOOOO blessed with thee most amazing friends. We are so excited and thankful that there is a National magazine (one of my favorite in the world) coming out to do an article on us, the products and where the inspiration comes from. Well........I have to say, after the long, long winter, my grounds "Peacock Park" are in need of major spring clean up. I have to say that my friends have come to my rescue BIG TIME. Especially Kelly ie: Kel Bel. Kelly is my right arm. If anyone can do display the way I like it, it is her. She is an amazing talent, and Peacock Park Design wouldnt be what it is without her. Kelly is an avid Gardner with an unbelievable garden of flowers......I mean UNBELIEVABLE. You can see her yard from down the street. The flowers are so vibrant. She gets it from her mother, one of my dearest friends on the planet....Lucy. I pronounce it L-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-cy. Kelly and Lucy have brought me mounds of perenials and plants and helped with the initial cleanup that we are in desperate need of to get "camera ready" next week. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

As you can see in the early photos, the "toad" garden was a literal field of sod. Well, Kelly worked her magic and it is now back to its majestic splendor.....thanks to her.

As kelly stripped back the weeds, and ripped out the grass she said....."Ya know, all this time I never realized that the Toad has Toes.............and with rings no less...........who knew?"


Just a bed of roses said...

would love that big toad in my garden! congratulations on being featured in a popular magazine, I will check back sometime to find out which one.

A Wild Thing said...

We have the same thoughts on the sounds of summer...they lull me to sleep every night and what a lullaby it is.

Love the toads toe rings...too cool!


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