Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Canada.

Have you ever been to Montreal??? It is the closest thing to Paris that is so close in Canada.
Everything about Montreal is reminesent of Paris. The stone buildings, the cobblestone streets and of course the FOOD !!
There is even a cathedral called Notre Dame in Montreal. It is modeled after the original in Paris, France. It's exterior is a smaller scale version of the original, but the INSIDE.......WOW!!!
The Interior is much more ornate than the original in Paris, of course it is one thousand years newer. The style is an amazing mix of almost Moorish architecture with Gothic Quatrafoils.

A Sea of Purple and clear votives.....
Have you ever seen more magnificent organ pipes????

The Carved wood Pulpit is a masterpiece of design.

This is a barrel vaulted ceiling that is in the oldest church in Montreal. You can see the boards through the painting.

This is the alter to the oldest cathedral. Stunning.

This is a wonderful year round christmas store, Doesnt this have great curb appeal???

With the huge amounts of snow , I just can imagine HOW they plow these cobblestone streets??? Hhhmmmmm.

I love old painted signage, I always notice the peeling images on walls, buildings or barns. It is such a dying art. Everthing is computer graphic. These images were painted years ago.

This is an old bronze flag holder on the side of an antique building. Oh, I want it ....what do you think, We should make these in a mini version for the average home. How regal....
Back Home and back to reality.....Ah, the onion soup, the escargot, and of course the bagettes.
Bon Soir Montreal, Bon Soir.


trash talk said...

You're an excellent tour guide. Loved my visit!

Art From The heart said...

Wow! I had forgotten how beautiful the city is....we were stationed at Plattsburg AFB N.Y. in the late 70's,used to cross the border often and visit mini Paris. Thanks for the memories.

Unknown said...

Wow! I haven't been there in years! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I loved that cathedral then and still do.

Molly - Paris Market said...

Love Montreal....the shopping for clothes is the best!

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