Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spooky Surroundings .....


I cannot believe how the time flies. I made it home from High Point N.C. and Asia just in time to get the Goblins ready for their big night. Due to the heavy travel schedule I had this month, I didnt go "all out" for the big spooktakular as I usually do. But I did manage to get a few spooky sets staged anyway.

I found in High Point from an Antique dealer, the most wonderful taxidermy of an actual Raven. I did not realize how large they were......I know, I the animal lover....buying a stuffed critter. He assured me it was an antique and that it would have died of natural causes. Soooooooo hopefully he wasnt just singing me a song. He is so majestic and regal. I just love him.

To accompany my Mr. Bones in the Foyer, there is also a new addition of a funeral home sign that is a MUST for any halloween scene. How can you resist this one?

The pictures are few for lack of time, but I want to wish everyone a fun night of digging through their kids, or grandkids loot bags. My kids know, I have dibs on all snickers.......!!



trash talk said...

Killer stuff...literally! I once dated a mortician...creepy, right?
Have me the Butterfingers.

time worn interiors said...

You always have the best Halloween stuff! Love it!

Bohemian said...

Oh Gina, a trip to Asia, you lucky Gal you!!! Love your decorations and especially the Raven... my Husband's Brother is a Taxidermist and since my Husband's Military Squadron had a Raven as a Mascot his Brother gave him a stuffed flying specimen... I too did not realize how large those birds are! I'm sure both yours and his died of natural causes, at least it gives us Peace to assume so anyway. *wink* Glad you were able to squeeze in some Spooktacular decorating in spite of a whirlwind schedule and all that travel!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Sylvia said...

Love your spooky stuff...great blog too!


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