Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well it is official..........there is a new kid in town, and she has an eye for design, color and texture. And a soft spot for Animals.

   My 11 year old  Daughter Jazz will be at her debut of her own home decor line in Atlanta called
                                                                   "All that Jazz"
   She has be just itching to be a part of this business, and has decided that she can do something she
loves  FOR something she loves........and she LOVES animals.  ANY animal, Fur, Fin or Feathers, and you have a place to stay at our house. 
     Jazz will be in her own area at the Atlanta Showroom in Bld. 2 floor 10 for a personal showing of her varied line of stuffed animals, bags, totes, and whimsy!

This is Mittens Meow of many strays that have walked into her heart. He is never less than 10 steps behind her.

She is hoping that stores will like her items, and that her sales are strong. 
She is using  her portion of the proceeds to fund animal rescue.

   A menagerie of plush ceramic animals with rhinetone collars and hanging crystal peace signs. Oh how chic !

In honour of Dinky our beloved Mini Donkey, THIS is Jazz' rendition.  I think this might be my favorite critter of cloth.

The velveteen rabbit, with a matching tote of course.

This is Keelo, she is one of our rescued dogs.  The city shelters have lined walkways that are labeled Monday thru Friday. The dogs are put in pens and after the week is up if they are not adopted out, then they must be put to sleep.  There are literally over 800 dogs per week that are destroyed in our main city alone each week.
     So Jazz is going to use her funds to get dogs from "death row" and feed, house, and neuter or spay as needed until they can be adopted out.   She will then go and get more.
     Now, of course you know she had BIG plans to get ALL the dogs, but I told her that isnt possible yet.  But one day hopefully.  We hope to get a website for the dogs to be adopted and she is going to try to work with the Humane Society to also help place some dogs and cats.
       The humane society will usually keep a dog as long as they have the kennel space until they are adopted.  It is the City pounds that are only a 7 day life span for these dogs and cats.
    I have seen every pure bred imaginable there, Our wish is that everyone will check the pounds before getting a dog. They are only a puppy for a few months, and a pound dog seems to always have a sense of gratitude like they KNOW you saved them.  I dont know how to explain it, but both my dogs are that way.  One is a mutt, and the other a pure Bull Mastiff named Tank.   YES from the POUND.  All 145 pounds of him.

  This is Middy (short of course for Mitten meow stripey) and D. (Short for Doctor Dandelion)
Yes, BOTH are strays.....they showed up on the property and have never left. They are ALWAYS right in the middle of the action.  Its hard to believe that when she found them, it took months until they would let you even touch them. Now, D purrs sooooooo loud he sounds just like a lawnmower.

 So if you are going to be in Atlanta at the Summer show in July. Please come by Peacock Park Designs Showroom to give Jazz some words of encouragement or just to say hi.
She is a nervous wreck that she isnt going to sell her products.
I think mom might place a hefty order (So guess what everyone I know will be getting for Xmas this year?...........Velvet totes anyone? )
If you can't make it to market you can leave her a comment here, and I will make sure she reads each and every one.



Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Jazz I absolutely LOVE all of your products!!! I cannot wait to order some ~ I live in Dallas so will not be at the Atlanta show but am looking forward to seeing them on the website ready for ordering ~

Congratulations on your line!

good goods & co said...

Hi Jazz, I'm not going to make it to Atlanta but, I don't think you need to worry at all. I think you are going to sell plenty of your products!!

Best of luck with your venture!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful young lady! As one who is passionate about the welfare of animals (I carry cat food in my backpack for the ferals I encounter on my walks in SoCal), I wish her the best. Also, Gina, having purchased many things from your Peacock Antiques in the past, it is now fun to see your things everywhere I go, most recently in Fort Worth. Like mother/like daughter!

Sheree said...

I am both moved and inspired by Jazz, her line of goods and her goals! I live in the same county, and I know how low the rate of survival is for animals at the shelter, and it continues to break my heart! Will her items be available to those of us who will not be going to Atlanta?

QueenBe said...

What a great kid your daughter must be!! I have a special place in my heart for anyone who is as huge an animal lover as I am, and for anyone who pushes animal rescue and adoption. She obviously has a huge heart. I couldn't agree more with all of her ideas and philosophies. Best of luck on her new venture, and best of luck on the work she has ahead of her!!

QueenBe said...

What a kid!! Bless her outlook and perseverance in making this world a better place for homeless animals. I have a special place in my heart for anyone who loves animals as much as I do, and for anyone who pushes rescue and adoption as opposed to buying from breeders. Good for her!!

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Hi Gina,

From one Ellie May to another, this truly touches my heart! You must be so very proud of her, not only for her talent but also for her sweet heart to care for animals. I'm sure her line will be well recieved in Atlanta, and I look forward to hearing lots of updates about those sweet babies that she saves from death row. The animal population at the shelters here is so high that they have even eliminated the adoption fees at some shelters in hopes of finding homes. Thank you for the smile today, we need lots more sweet young people just like her, thank you Jazz! :-))

P.S. The Dallas showroom looked wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was browsing through one of my favorite shops in Portland, Oregon (Nobal Home) and came across some adorable tote bags. I just had to have one! While I was paying for it (I love the reasonable price by the way) the shop owner mentioned that the proceeds will help animals. I am thrilled! I'm an animal rescuer myself, and have a menagerie of stray cats who have found their way to my house and into my heart. The shop owner pointed out the stuffed animals that match the bags, and if I hadn't been late to an appointment I would have purchased some. So now I plan to go back and buy more of these beautiful items, especially knowing that by doing so, I'm helping your amazing daughter save more animals! What a great girl!
Sincerely, Lori

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