Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are they here Yet?????????

Oh, Today was a fun day. FINALLY the new goodies have started to arrive at the loading dock. I can hardly stand it. The guys are trying to heave these heavy boxes around, while I am running inbetween them with a razor knife just wanting to "peak" at the stuff in the boxes. I have to say they are pretty patient with me, and I think they only talk about me behind my back.
I took some of the new goods and set up little vignettes so I can start photographing and getting some of these things up on the website, not to mention a CATALOG. OH, I am just overwhelmed in what goes on to get these pics up. It isnt like a poloroid, point, click, shake and ta da......perfect pictures everytime...
OH, no,....this is Oh, where the heck is THAT shadow coming from? why is it so blurry>?, It looks white in the picture, but it is really green.
I will get the hang of it. But I thought I would send some untouched photos of goodies just so you can get the idea of what we will be up to.

Isnt this neat? The whole fixture folds up flat to store away, but I think it is great looking folded up on the wall as well.

I have so many new lanterns coming in with great chipped distressed paint. I just love lanterns, they give a room instant warmth and welcome whether they encase a candle or a collage of your favarite treasure.......!

I love these giant sofa sized prints of the archetecture of Paris. They are printed on a granual type paper which give them a real blueprint feel. The Parisian mantel clock is a very heavy piece, and is made with actual convex glass. It is a real bargain.

This is so fantastic, It is a high resolution scan of actual botanical studies. They are printed on a matte finish high res. paper, which makes you have to "touch" them to see if they are truly real studies or not. They are complete with the tape marks that would have held them in place years ago. The look is complete with a heavy twine to hang it from, the size is an impactful sofa size, to hang in a hall, above a fireplace, or my favorite....centered right above your potting bench.
The scrap board that is also featured is a great detailed frame, with twisted wire to hold all your precious momentos. The background is covered in a great linen cloth complete with a twine to hang. I love this "natural" botonist look don't you?

This little cage is a reproduction of a little french cage top but with some minor modifications. The bottom of this little guy pops off so you can place a plant, or a collection of goodies all inside this wonderful little garland swagged cage...This is so so sweet. If anyone is an altered art artist, I think this would be an amazing little cage bottom for the altered art dolls. Someone please make one and send me a picture....It would be wonderful.

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Backyard Candle Co. said...

Oh my goodness! I love so many things but I am in love with the green lanterns! I've gotta have those! I can't wait to get my hands on the new goods!

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